We believe that yoga is an unbeatable all-round workout and a great way to achieve a fit, happy, healthy body, and at Sweat you don’t need to learn a new lingo, put your leg behind your head or take up chanting to get there.

About Sweat

We’re committed to providing a no-nonsense approach to exercise that combines a friendly atmosphere with bright, contemporary studios and instruction to suit every body.

We train our instructors ourselves so we can deliver a consistent, down-to-earth, friendly experience from class to class.

Whether you’re well-practiced or a total newbie, got a six pack or haven’t seen or touched your toes in years, you’ll find something for you at Sweat.

Sweat. Real workouts for real life.

The Small Print…..

At Sweat Studios we do yoga to live. We think it’s a damn good way to keep fit and healthy and hopefully live till we’re 100. On the flipside, we know some people live to do yoga. This is great and we’re happy they’ve found their passion. We’re also aware that for these people yoga can be a very serious thing. It is not our intention to insult or offend with our rather light-hearted approach. Our goal is simply to get more people doing yoga (and living to 100), which must be a good thing!

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