Having depression can make you feel isolated and a burden to everyone around you. Sam, aged 22, was suffering from depression but practicing yoga has helped her to overcome her problems.

Case study: combatting depression with yoga

Sam was an average girl in her early 20s with the world at her feet. She had a good life and a degree in fashion. She’d just had the ‘best three years’ during her time at university and was optimistic about finding her first full time job. But, as we all know, job applications take their toll and the part-time work Sam usually enjoyed began to feel slow, stressful and unfulfilling. Even simple, everyday activities like car journeys, shopping trips and conversations became hard work.

One day the pressure became too much and a sudden spell of dizziness hit her in the middle of a work shift. She broke down, she couldn’t understand why, or what to do next. To her amazement she was diagnosed with depression.

A new job offer shortly afterwards helped, but there was something else that could help Sam. Hot Yoga.

“Hot Yoga I believe truly saved me. It was the one thing throughout the whole of my illness that kept me focused.”

Our Hot Classic class gave her motivation and a much needed routine. She was also able to meet new people and reintroduce herself as someone without depression.

“Yoga gave me the beauty of feeling like myself again, and not the girl with depression. I plan on keeping it that way.”

We want our studio to be a relaxing and controlled environment, a place to let go of life’s other stresses. It has been Sam’s sanctuary ever since she joined last year and the routine helps to keep her grounded even now.

Depression is a powerful illness that affects every one in three of us. Sam’s story shows how yoga can help relieve its symptoms and take back control.

To read Sam’s full story take a look at the Mind website.

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