Yoga is perfect for a flexible lifestyle, as well as flexible muscles. For Surjit, yoga became a healthy alternative to running, and practising regularly with her ‘Yoga Family’ has greatly helped to relieve stresses in the workplace.

Case study: Stress management and yoga

In training for the London Marathon in 2006, Surjit decided to try yoga in the hope that it would strengthen her muscles. However, she struggled to get to grips with the moves and found the classes she attended very intimidating. She wouldn’t give up on yoga altogether though – she had a passion for running and the benefits of yoga were too important to forgo. So she took to practising with videos at home instead, but this was far from ideal and the yoga stopped once the marathon was over.

At the end of May 2014, Surjit heard about Sweat Studios from a colleague at work. She was shouting from the rooftops about the ‘amazing hot yoga classes’ that everyone should try. Although sceptical, Surjit was intrigued by the reviews she was hearing and now she’s with Sweat, yoga’s here to stay.

Surjit has a demanding job managing a service for children, young people and families. This involves hours spent sat at a desk, or in a car when she drives to meet with families all over the country. Surjit tells us how her Sweat routine enables her to find a balance between work and life:

“I love coming to classes as it allows me to de-stress outside of work, to clear my mind of all the busyness and the craziness that goes on. The studio is so quiet and calm too, and although you would expect exercise after work to feel difficult, I find it really is the best way to gently release all my stress and relax my muscles.

“What I love about yoga is that it has enabled me to learn to breathe correctly, so that when I’m sitting at my desk or driving I can practice my breathing techniques. I’m also sitting correctly now, no longer slouched in my chair or behind the wheel of my car.”

For Surjit, yoga is her new passion. Running was a huge part of her life, but regularly pulling muscles and continuously aching became too much of a problem, particularly at work. Now, yoga provides a great alternative. Surjit has regular access to a full body workout that doesn’t involve pain and also keeps her energised. She hasn’t given up running entirely though, and she really enjoyed running the Race for Life 5K as part of the Sweat team in June.

She reminds us that Sweat Studios is a rewarding place to practice yoga in:

“Joining Sweat has been an amazing experience for me. I love the calm environment, the fantastic facilities, the very experienced and motivating instructors, the one-to-one coaching in class and meeting up with what I call my ‘Yoga Family’ (the lovely people I have gotten to meet along the way).

It’s perfect for me that the studio is open 7 days a week with a range of classes throughout the day and evening. If I can’t make an evening class then it’s easy to go before work instead, and I like to plan weekend sessions too!”

As more and more people suffer from work stress and related illnesses, we know that yoga can help. For more information about signing your company up for a corporate discount, please speak to one of our team.

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