Practicing yoga is a fantastic way to keep a lot of health problems at bay. Jo, a regular Sweaty, loves yoga because it helps to dramatically reduce her back pain and improve her fitness for running.

Case study: Treating back pain with yoga

Jo suffers from a spine condition that causes muscle spasms within her back and for many years she’s needed to have her vertebrae realigned by a chiropractor every three months.

After joining us in January, she was eager to get stuck into our Classic yoga classes, as well as our deep stretching Stretch class. Now, Jo comes to these classes a few times every week, and the health benefits have been more than she could have hoped for.

In March, Jo’s shoulders were still perfectly aligned despite more than three months away from her chiropractor. Nothing had ever helped her treatment so much. She was delighted:

“After just a few months of practicing yoga at Sweat, I’d not needed to make an appointment with my chiropractor. She and I were both amazed at the difference.”

Jo was always worried that her back condition might affect her ability to run too. She loves taking part in marathons as well as races with work, and it’s been important for her to keep focused on her goals.

We’re thrilled that Jo’s Sweat routine of four classes a week has recently helped her to smash her personal best time for running the Milton Keynes half marathon. She says that by regularly practicing yoga she’s able to ‘get more’ out of her muscles and we agree – she shaved an impressive six minutes and six seconds off her last PB!

To find out more about how yoga could help you, speak to one of our team.

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