We know that fitness and weight loss are two of the biggest drivers for exercise, and yoga is great for facilitating both. Dave has noticed a dramatic improvement in his fitness and well-being since joining us last year, losing 2 stone overall.

Case study: Yoga weight loss

After being diagnosed with asthma and high blood pressure, Dave was conscious that he needed to mix up his exercise routine to help him lose weight. Moderate activity simply wasn’t enough to keep these problems at bay.

So in August of last year, after hearing about its benefits, he decided to ‘give yoga a go.’ Despite initially worrying that he would be the only bloke in class, he was surprised at how many men attend the studio. He tried one of our Hot Classic classes and has been hooked ever since. The 45 minute lunchtime sessions are his usual choice, but he also enjoys coming to our more relaxing Stretch classes when he can.

Benefits that go beyond weight loss

Dave has noticed many benefits from a regular yoga practice. His breathing has now improved to the point where he can sleep through the night and make progress with his running. Yoga has even helped to bring down his blood pressure, enough for him to reduce the strength of his daily medication. The yoga session have also greatly improved his balance and have contributed towards a significant weight loss achievement:

I feel stronger, I have more energy, and as well as toning up I have lost around 2 stones overall.

An overall positive experience

Dave tells us that the facilities are a pleasure to use and that the classes are addictive. The positive atmosphere created by staff and other members (both male and female!) as well as the physical benefits from yoga itself have left Dave feeling very happy with his membership:

“Since joining I’ve never looked back. I think the ethos of the studio is brilliant and the staff make everyone feel welcome.”

Dave tried us out using our introductory offer, which is available to all of our newbies. For more information, speak to one of our team or click here to find out more.

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