"Yoga is now a staple of my training." Triathlete and Sweat regular, John, has seen an incredible difference to his overall fitness and sports performance since joining the Studio just over a year ago.

Case study: Yoga for triathlete training

John is a dedicated triathlete who has always sought to keep his fitness at the highest level possible. Alongside other sports, he believed that yoga would strengthen and condition his training. The physical activity associated with hot yoga would help to build his strength and also provide a healthy amount of down time away from long hours at work.

For John, yoga also promised relief from injury. Intense training meant that he was constantly suffering from backache and tight hamstrings.

But why Sweat? John came across the Studio shortly after we opened. He felt he had finally found a venue that suited him and felt encouraged to try yoga at last:

“I decided to take the plunge and give it a go. I’d been looking at a few places to try yoga before that, but village halls and crowded gyms weren’t doing it for me. They just aren’t in the same league as Sweat Studios.”

Our down-to-earth approach of focusing on yoga for exercise, health and well-being was one that definitely grabbed the triathlete. He found the classes tough in the best way possible. And although nervous for his first class and the heat of hot yoga, he tells us he needn’t have worried:

“I was put at ease straight away by the personal and confident teaching style. The 60 minute Hot Classic classes were perfect for me for warming up and cooling down.”

John recently put in his strongest performance yet at the Ironman in Switzerland. It was a tough course in 30 degree heat but a regular hot yoga practice with us at 40 degree heat had prepared him well for this. Yoga has become an integral part of his training, and back pain on longer rides is no longer an issue.

We couldn’t be more thrilled about John’s achievements and sharing his yoga story. To find out how yoga could help you in your training, why not come and speak to one of our team members?

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