After 17 years of working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, Lou feared the worst when she was diagnosed with a herniated disc. Although originally advised to take a complete break from regular exercise, Lou has been pleased to be able to continue her yoga and other training by working with Sweat Studio’s partner Osteopath, Sally Guest.

Case study: yoga rehabilitation

Sometimes people seek out yoga when they already have an injury, but sometimes these injuries happen when we’re already exercising regularly. Lou, an eager Sweaty, knows this all too well.

Sweat originally caught Lou’s eye for its emphasis on real exercise and its flexible timetable. The activity was a perfect complement to her other training and she had no hesitation in signing up for the Sweat Newbie deal.

Lou had experienced back pain in the form of minor niggles before but one day her regular osteopath grew worried and advised an MRI scan. It wasn’t good news. A disc in her lower back was being squeezed out of position by her vertebrae, and she was advised to take a complete break from exercise. As someone with such an active lifestyle, this was devastating:

“Psychologically that was a huge ask for someone like me! Being active is such a core part of my life so I immediately asked the Sweat team for some advice.”

And we’re really glad she did. We directed her towards our experienced partner Osteopath, Sally Guest. Working with Sally our goal is to enable clients like Lou to continue their yoga practice but to do so safely. As a Sweat member, Sally is aware of the yoga poses we teach and is therefore in a great position to help our clients and assess whether continuing yoga with their injury is a safe option. Yoga can often be a great rehabilitator if practiced with awareness and care.

Lou was delighted by how the Sweat Team and Sally helped her stay active:

“Sally totally understood and empathised with my frustration. She never promised to fix everything, but she gave me back an element of control by explaining exactly what was happening and how I could contribute to my recovery.

“She explained exactly how I could adapt the Classic sequence of yoga poses taught at Sweat to protect my disc, and she also sent the Sweat team a report on my injury so that they were aware of what she had advised. This demonstrated an extra level of care and commitment that I’ve not experienced anywhere else.”

Lou’s story shows that together with Sally we’ll always do our best to keep you in the classes you love, no matter what your injury:

“Sally helps to break down postures and helps you perform them in the safest way. I’m confident that I now work as hard as everyone else in class – even if I have to do a few things slightly differently.”

For more information on how yoga could help you, contact Sally at MK Osteopath or speak to one of the team.

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