Businessman Kevin O’Rourke joined Sweat Studios in May 2017. 48-year-old Kevin has always been an active person and was a long-distance athlete for 11 years. Kevin had previously done yoga once a week in his office with a Sweat Studios’ instructor for six months. When he moved back to Central Milton Keynes, Kevin was keen to join Sweat Studios straight away and started coming to the studio daily.

Case study: Healing a break-up with yoga

Can yoga act as a distraction to personal issues?

Kevin enjoys yoga for many reasons but has found it to be a particularly effective way to alleviate stress during a difficult time in his life. He admits to being an “all in” type of guy and says attending yoga classes acted as an effective diversion to his personal problems.

“I initially wanted a distraction as I was going through a relationship break-up and my mind was consumed with self-pity, confusion, anger and resentment. I tend to be an all-in type of guy and found that the classes forced me out of my head. This was a remarkable thing for me, as I was otherwise consumed with my thoughts.”

Kevin says that whilst doing yoga, it was impossible to think of anything else other than the next move and how to execute it with grace.

“This meant that I always had at least one hour of tranquilly in my life each day and I held that hour very close to my heart.”

A welcoming atmosphere

Being in business, Kevin knows as well as anyone the importance of making customers feel valued and welcome, something he says, Sweat Studios always made him feel.

“The Sweat team always made me feel welcome and that also brought an extra dimension to my visits. I wasn’t just a number like I was at David Lloyd or other gyms. I was a valued customer who was made to feel appreciated and valued on each and every visit. Being in business I know how hard this is to do and I appreciated this vital component every time.”

Improving flexibility with yoga

As well as helping him manage stress in his private life and making him feel good, Kevin says practicing yoga also improved his flexibility.

Kevin had been a long-distance endurance athlete for 11 years, racing Ironman Triathlons and Ultra Marathons, of up to a 100-miles!

“This had taken its toll on my body and yoga helped me to discover issues that I had been masking/ignoring for many years,” says Kevin.

The challenge of balancing life demands and yoga

Unfortunately, working in the wine industry, with the festive season approaching, the busiest period for his trade, Kevin has had to take a step away from yoga for a while and his is really missing his classes.

“I miss the stress reduction of yoga, I miss the sense of achievement you get at the end of class and I miss being part of a group where the emphasis is on achievement without competition.”

Kevin admits he has tried yoga classes elsewhere, but they were all a little too ‘hippy’ for his liking. By contrast, Sweat Studios gave Kevin the competitive side he craved without it being a competition against others.

“Being a triathlete and ultra runner is all about solitary conditioning and racing and yoga at Sweat Studios appealed to that side of me,” Kevin added.

What are the downsides of giving up yoga?

Kevin describes a number of negative implications of having to stop his yoga classes (albeit temporarily), including:

  • Not sleeping as well as he used to
  • Being tight in areas where he used to be flexible
  • His stress levels are still lower than before he started with Sweat, but higher than when he used to attend on a regular basis
  • He doesn’t have an interest of his own again and knows he needs this in his life
  • He misses the heat of a hot class on a winter’s day

The Sweat Studios’ team looks forward to welcoming Kevin once he work calms down.

If you want to follow in Kevin’s footsteps and enjoy the multitude of benefits yoga has on the mind and body, you can find out more about the different sessions we offer here.

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