Sports therapist for the Northampton Saints, Kiera Ruddy, tries Slow Flow and implements it as a staple complement to the team's rugby training.

Case study: Northampton Saints do yoga

People are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits that yoga can bring for athletic training, and none more so than the Northampton Saints Rugby team.

Following their support of our ‘Campaign for Real Yoga’ in 2015 and participation in our Hot Classic sessions, their sports therapist, Kiera Ruddy, has been attending the Studio to stay fit and try new classes. We spoke to her about why she thinks yoga is a great exercise, both for the team and herself.

“It’s an all-round workout for men and women alike. I liked Sweat’s positive introduction to yoga (it helps to have a friendly studio!) and our first team session really showed me the benefits of yoga on the body. I wanted to carry this on for myself as well as pick up tips for the team.”

After trying a Slow Flow class, where postures are connected together to form sequences, Kiera asked us to provide personal sessions at the team’s training ground:

“Slow Flow is an ideal class for the team. In a non-heated environment the sequences are thorough but still easy to follow, which was great because not all the players had practiced yoga before. Some had tried it with their partners but all agreed that they could really feel the exercise working.

“Any part of their training has to consider all aspects of wellbeing and yoga is perfect for that as well. The positions help to strengthen their muscles and improve their mobility whilst the exercise as a whole has increased their body awareness and ability to focus.”

I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the players since they’ve start the yoga session, both individually and as a team. A number of them have even headed down to Sweat Studios as part of their own training away from the team environment, which is great.’

Kiera’s story is a great testament to our Sweat Promise. We commit to providing a friendly, light and modern space and, above all, yoga classes designed for the modern world. Whether you’re man, woman, well-practiced or new to yoga, our classes give you a real and accessible workout. This is what makes us the yoga studio of choice for professional sports teams like the Saints and the MK Dons, as well as hundreds of passionate sportspeople from all over Milton Keynes.

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