Looking for a lower impact fitness activity, Richard, was surprised and delighted to find that a Sweat hot yoga class could rival any gym workout. He now can't go without his weekly sessions.

Sweat yoga classes as good as a gym workout

With an extremely busy and stressful job, 54-year-old Richard wanted to find an activity that could take his mind off things. Having also been a runner for many years, Richard was worried about the toll pounding tarmac and treadmills for so long may have had on his body. He was therefore looking for an exercise that had a low impact on his joints, but which still gave him a powerful workout.

Sweat hot yoga seemed like the perfect solution on both accounts…

Once you start yoga, it’s hard to stop…!

Richard has a demanding career with the Open University. He joined Sweat Studios in July 2016. Initially, Richard had been attending Sweat yoga sessions four to five times a week but due to pressures at work and personal commitments, he had to stop his yoga classes for a period of time and when he returned it was just to do one or two classes a week. He’s recently signed up for an unlimited yoga class membership once again, recognising that a more regular yoga practice delivered him greater physical and mental benefit.

“When I had to stop classes, I missed it a lot and really appreciated what an overall and strenuous workout it gives,” says Richard.

Though it’s not just the physical aspects of yoga Richard missed. With a stressful job, he welcomed the positive effect yoga has on his mind, as well as his body:

“I get 60 minutes to forget everything in the outside world especially my workday. I recharge, work muscles I never knew I had and burn off some cals. It’s a great all round physical activity with the added benefit of mindfulness, which I wasn’t getting from my prior workouts,” added Richard.

Keeping yoga fresh and interesting

Richard enjoys the variety of the classes offered at the studio. His favourite being the dynamic Hot Flow classes which rival his prior running and gym sessions in terms of intensity:

“I love the challenge of the Flow classes. The mix of the instructors at Sweat Studios is great. They all offer different styles and routines, which keeps the experience fresh and interesting,” says Richard.

Richard also speaks highly of Sweat Studios’ welcoming ambiance and how it offers encouragement to all, stating:

“Sweat is an incredibly friendly and encouraging place. While the classes can be demanding, there’s never any pressure to keep up. Everyone works at their own pace. So you feel challenged but also supported to stretch yourself (literally) to the max.

“I hope this gives you a sense of why I keep coming back and really miss it if a week goes by when I can’t make a session.

“If you’re looking for an alternative to a gym or other sports session, Sweat hot yoga in my view is a great way to achieve a seriously healthy body and mind,” Richard concludes. 

You can find out more about all of our classes, including Hot Flow, a dynamically moving yoga class performed in the heat, which Richard regularly participates in and benefits from, on our Sweat Classes page.

Or if you would like to chat to our friendly and down to earth team about joining Sweat Studios, get in touch with us today. Give us a call on 01908 673811 or email: info@sweatstudios.co.uk

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