48 year old Julie, became unfit and overweight following a period of inactivity due to a foot and shoulder operation. Our classes gave her a low impact, safe form of exercise to get her back in shape. Now she's lost over 3 stone and is feeling great.

Case study Julie: Losing weight with yoga

Julie came to yoga late in life. Having previously favoured high-impact, high-adrenaline sports, yoga had never really grabbed her, but injuries which required rehabilitation after operations, forced her to give yoga another go.

Overcoming misperceptions about yoga

Originally joining the studio on it’s introductory offer for new clients, Julie became a regular at Sweat in 2015. “At this point I was overweight, unfit and looking to make some changes in my life,” says Julie. Like others, Julie had a vision of what a yoga studio would be like. “I thought it would be full of young, slim, bendy women putting their bodies in impossible positions,” she explains. “I was worried I would look ridiculous and out of place and not have a clue what I was doing.”

Despite her reservations, with limited options for exercise available to her following her operations, Julie was encouraged to explore how yoga could help re-build strength in her injured body. “So, I decided to be brave and signed up for a Hot Classic class to see how I got on,” said Julie.

Much to Julie’s relief, the Sweat Studio was light, bright and full of people of all shapes and sizes.

“I needn’t have worried about fitting in, there were men, women, old and young and despite my concerns about my level of fitness and size, right from the word go, I was surprised by how much I could do.”

“The teaching team all emphasise the importance of focusing on what you can do and not what you can’t and everyone in the yoga class works at their own pace. With the teachers’ clear, concise instructions and easy to follow language, I soon started to see improvement,” Julie adds.

Using yoga to get back in shape

Julie is delighted to announce that two years later and despite the odd setback, namely surgery on her other shoulder, her strength and flexibility has improved more than she could imagine. “I no longer have any shoulder pain, I’m able to do poses which were previously impossible and I also weigh significantly less,” said Julie.

Yoga has become an important part of Julie’s fitness routine. “Yoga has helped me balance my body, my mind and my life,” said Julie. “Overall yoga encourages you to lead a healthier lifestyle. By exercising regularly and watching what I eat I have lost 3.5 stone and gained a lot more muscle tone. I’m feeling great! And despite my initial reservations, I can’t imagine a life now without Sweat Yoga,” Julie explains. “If you’re looking to achieve a weight loss or fitness goal, Sweat Studios is a great place to be. The team is so welcoming and friendly. They learn your name and use it in class to encourage and motivate you. They make sure you don’t give up,” Julie concludes.

If you’re looking to lose weight and tone up in a fun, welcoming and friendly environment, then why not join a Sweat Studios’ class? The studio’s signature Hot Classic class can burn as many calories as a 5k run.

As Julie can vouch for, doing yoga with Sweat Studios helps overcome any misconceptions or preconceived ideas about yoga.

Yoga at Sweat Studios is for people of all ages and shapes and of all abilities and fitness levels. Here’s everything you need to know as a Sweat (or yoga) first timer.

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