Sweat instructors come from all walks of life but we all have one thing in common, we're dead normal (oh, and we love yoga...but that kinda goes without saying).

Sweat Instructors

Our classes are about you, not us. You won’t be left twiddling your thumbs while we crack out our latest moves. We know that being a great instructor is about leading a class, not showing you what we can do. So whatever your reason for turning up, whatever your ability, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Sarah K-Hirji

A speech and language therapist by day, Sarah was first attracted to yoga as she strived for a healthier lifestyle. It didn’t take long until she was hooked and she completed her teacher training in Florida in 2012. Flow yoga is Sarah’s passion and she likes nothing more than to rock some strong moves to a funky playlist.

Louise Lewis

With over fifteen years as a contemporary dance instructor, Louise always dabbled in yoga. In 2014, she took her first hot yoga class at Sweat and became hooked, taking classes whenever she could. In January 2017 she took the plunge and joined the Studio’s teacher training programme. Louise now combines her love of yoga with her other passion as a full-time secondary school teacher.

Ali Futrill

Lead Sweat instructor and official yoga teacher to the MK Dons and Northampton Saints, Ali began yoga while living in Thailand as a way to stay fit. While her first class filled her with terror as she struggled to touch her toes, she soon got over her nerves (and her tight hamstrings) and she’s never looked back. Ali completed her teacher training with Absolute Yoga in Asia in 2007.

Zoe Rowe

Zoe fell in love with hot yoga while living in Australia. Sport had always been a big part of Zoe’s life, but a knee injury forced her to give it all up. After just a few months of yoga she was rehabilitated and pain free. Yoga became a big part of her life helping her manage stress as she studied for her Phd. Zoe joined the Sweat team in the Summer of 2016 and recently graduated from the Studio’s teacher training programme.

Claire Abercrombie

Claire started practising yoga over 10 years ago. An avid Sweaty, she took the leap from practitioner to teacher this year, graduating with flying colours from Sweat’s hot yoga teacher training programme. Keen to add more strings to her bow, Claire has already started training in other forms of yoga and now balances teaching with her full-time PR job. 

Lucinda Memery

Lucinda was so inspired by Sweat’s no nonsense approach to yoga, that she decided to throw in the towel on her London commute and join the Sweat team! She completed her initial teacher training in 2015 and has continued to learn and grow as an instructor ever since taking on more and more classes. She now combines her teaching with her Studio Management role.

Susie White

Susie went from PR to yoga teacher after training with Absolute Yoga in Asia in 2014. She loves hot yoga for its transformative qualities and the fact it gives you a simultaneous mind/body workout. Still a keen student, Susie loves nothing more than sweating it out in the studio on her days off and continues to train in other forms of yoga.

Jules Buchanan

An avid runner, Jules always felt she wasn’t really exercising if she didn’t work up a sweat. Too much high impact activity forced Jules to find an alternative exercise regime. Inspired by the fitness-led approach at Sweat, she decided to give yoga a go. She soon found that hot yoga gave her the all-round workout she desired. Jules now balances her successful career in logistics with yoga teaching and is a recent graduate of Sweat’s teacher training program.

Kirsty Lowe

Kirsty is the founder of Sweat. Seeing a need to deliver yoga to people who didn’t want the incense and gongs often associated with it, she hung up her corporate suit and went off to teacher training with Absolute Yoga in Asia in 2013. Kirsty loves the amazing combination of cardio, strength and flexibility a hot yoga class can deliver and brings her no nonsense approach to life to her teaching.

Sara Wilmot

Sara worked as an actress/singer for 15 years and practised Ashtanga and Bikram yoga to keep fit, stay strong and to relax but soon decided to train as a teacher. Sara’s classes are informal and relaxed, challenging but fun. She’s passionate about yoga for fitness and loves the strength, flexibility and confidence it can give you. Sara now juggles being a video producer with teaching yoga and music.

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