I had my first encounter with yoga 20 years ago in an Ashtanga Vinyasa class (no, I didn’t know what that was either) in North London. I wasn’t looking for spiritual enlightenment – I just wanted to be more flexible.

Sweat Story

Years of aerobics, Body Pump, Spinning, running and swimming had left me barely able touch my toes. My first yoga experience was painful. It was intimidating. My tight hamstrings were publicly shamed in front of a large group of total strangers. The chanting made me want to jump into a hole. I couldn’t leave the room fast enough.

For some reason though, I went back. I’d like to say it was something to do with the irresistible draw of my destined profession, but I reckon it was the promise of a glass of wine with my friend that really persuaded me. So we went back once, then we went back some more, and we persevered, week after week, lurking at the back of the class, giggling and staring in disbelief at the kind of contortions that were expected of us.

Then, after four years, I found somewhere that seemed to do things differently. They spoke to me in English, knew my name, gave me pointers for improvement when I was doing things wrong and commended me when I made progress. There was no chanting, no preaching, no gongs and no showing off. I felt that I was getting something out of my yoga. It changed my body. I was leaner, fitter, healthier and more focused and finally I had the confidence to hand in my gym membership (by the way, I’ve never looked back). Unfortunately, though, that studio was in Singapore.

When I moved back to the UK, I wanted to bring that same friendly, approachable, no-nonsense experience to yoga here. So, I hung up my corporate suit, went off to yoga teacher training and here we are.

Sweat is about demystifying yoga, stripping it of all of the jargon to give you a way to better understand your body, stay fit and healthy and get a really great workout.

I hope you enjoy what we think is a fresh approach to yoga.


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