Date: 15/01/2018

Ask people why they might consider doing yoga and the answer is often for flexibility gains. Few know that yoga is one of most effective workouts you can do to get and stay in shape. Here’s 5 reasons why yoga should be top of your list if you’re looking to slim down and tone up […]

Date: 09/01/2018

Why not embark on our 30 day challenge this January? It’s a great way to kick start your health and wellbeing goals for 2018. It’s simple, you come and take a class every day for 30 days. Simply write your name on the challenge board, mark off your classes as you go and we’ll motivate […]

Date: 26/12/2017

Get the New Year off to the right start and get some yoga in your life. Say goodbye to Christmas excesses and hello to a fit, happy, healthy you in January with some great deals on class packages. Offers last until midnight on 31st December or until they are sold out. Save £230 on a year […]

Date: 22/12/2017

With 2018 almost upon us it’s a chance to reflect on the year that’s been. We’ve had a fantastic year and it’s thanks to all of you. We were so proud to be named Best Small Business in Milton Keynes in the annual Business Achievement Awards as well as the overall winners of the Buckinghamshire […]

Date: 20/12/2017

Yoga can bring a great many benefits to both the body and the mind. Research shows that practicing yoga regularly can help us stay sharp and physically fit well into our older years and help stave off disease. Yoga helps improve and maintain health, fitness and general wellbeing by playing a positive role in the […]

Date: 30/11/2017

A letter to the person next to me in yoga class tonight… I spotted you as soon as you walked in. You had that nervous look of a newbie. You were at an advanced level class, but how were you to know? The timetable just had a Sanskrit class name and the person on reception […]

Date: 23/11/2017

Don’t miss out! Shop in our Black Friday sale. There’s something for everyone from Sweat virgins to Sweat lovers. Promotion codes can be used from midnight on Thursday 23rd November. Hop online, pop in or give us a bell and grab yourself a hot deal. New to Sweat? Save 25% on our Sweat Newbie deal. […]

Date: 20/11/2017

So, I’ve signed up to a half marathon in March. When I tell this to people they say, “oh well, you’re a runner aren’t you?”. Let me put this straight; I am most definitely not a runner. I combine dog walking with a gentle jog and stop every few paces for a chat with another […]

Date: 09/11/2017

When it comes to working out, having a friend in tow can make all the difference to the longevity and ultimately the success of any keep fit venture. From fewer skipped workouts to giving yourself that extra push, take a look at the many benefits of working out with a mate. Maintain workout motivation Without […]

Date: 31/10/2017

Do you wax lyrical about the benefits of yoga? Are you desperate to get friends and family along because you know how much our classes will help them? Well this month’s the month to make that happen! Throughout November, we’re giving you the opportunity to introduce your friends to the studio and take a class […]