Welcome to Sweat Studios - Buckingham's boutique yoga and Pilates studio


At Sweat we provide a no-nonsense approach to exercise that combines a friendly atmosphere with bright and contemporary studios and instruction to suit every body.

Sweat Yoga in Buckingham

We keep yoga simple. We focus on the postures (also known as poses) and breathing aspects of yoga, which combined are an incredibly effective way to stay fit and healthy, inside and out. Whether you’re well-practiced or a total newbie, 16 or 60, got a six pack or haven’t seen or touched your toes in years, you’ll find something for you.

Online Yoga & Pilates classes

All of our classes are currently taking place online. Virtually all of our sessions are suitable for newbies and now is a great time to add some yoga into your life. All you need to do is decide whether you’re looking to workout, stretch-out or chill-out. Click ‘view details’ below to read the class descriptions. We also offer Pilates and pre-natal yoga virtually.

All classes promise the great health benefits of yoga exercise without any faff. You can join live classes as they happen via Zoom. Alternatively, you can take take advantage of our playback and on-demand options. If you book either of these classes, at the class start time, you are sent a link to access a pre-recorded class, which you can choose to take straight away, or at a time that suits you. You have unlimited access to the class for seven days. We also have 15 minute free-to-join sessions too. All online classes are charged at a simple pay-as-you-go price of £7.50 each each. Just book classes as and when you want them.

For all the info on booking terms and conditions, including cancellation policies, see our Sweat House Rules.

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