Yoga is a great way to relax and stay fit during pregnancy, but it also has many post-natal benefits for both mother and baby. Vicky joined Sweat in the hope of becoming pregnant and she’s been hooked on yoga ever since.

Case Study: Pre-natal yoga

Vicky signed up to Sweat Studios hoping that improved fitness would help her to conceive. She’d heard about the benefits of yoga before and wanted to give it a go – all the celebs were doing it, so it must be good, right?

Impressed, Vicky decided to continue her Sweaty journey even after she became pregnant. Practicing yoga gave her relaxation and a healthier state of mind, but she also wanted to build up her stamina and strength to prepare for the birth ahead so she signed up for our pre-natal yoga course.

Lucky Vicky’s labour only lasted four hours and she got through it drug-free, concentrating on the breathing exercises and yoga postures that she’d been practising with us before and during pregnancy. This created a much more relaxing experience than she’d been anticipating:

“I’m so uncoordinated that I couldn’t use the gas and air correctly, so I just used yoga breathing. The midwife commented on my coping techniques and said that in her experience, it was largely down to yoga.”

Once her baby was born, Vicky was keen to return to the Studio and get back into shape. Our post-natal yoga course helped her to strengthen those areas that had weakened through pregnancy, with the added benefit that her little one could get involved too! The classes include elements of baby massage that offer relief for colic and teething, whilst providing an opportunity to develop a deeper bond with baby.

Vicky’s story is one we love to hear. She came to us with no experience of yoga (just a few preconceptions about vegans chanting!) but now she’s a big Sweat (and yoga) fan:

“I love that there are no egos at Sweat; the teachers are really friendly and welcoming. They make it a personal experience, remembering your name and correcting your alignment and guiding you through each of the postures.”

Pregnancy can cause many ailments such as back tension, hip pain and fluid retention – all of which can be alleviated through a regular yoga practice. It also helps to strengthen abdominal muscles post-birth (and that all important pelvic floor!).

So whether you’re a regular yogi or a complete newbie, if you’re entering the world of motherhood, why not give one of our courses a try? 

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