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Date: 01/03/2019

When you go to a yoga class, you bring a towel, a drink and that’s pretty much it. Right? No, not quite. You also bring the 100 trillion microbes residing in your gut with you. These 100 trillion (1) cells are predominantly bacteria, but also include fungi and viruses. It’s called the gut microbiome and […]

Date: 26/07/2018

Are you doing yoga to become more flexible? With yoga the undisputed “go to” exercise form for anyone wanting to touch their toes, you might be surprised to know that other physical pursuits, such as weight lifting, can also help improve your flexibility, and, that conversely, the benefits of your yoga class can go well […]

Date: 09/11/2017

When it comes to working out, having a partner in tow can make all the difference to the longevity and ultimately the success of any keep fit venture. From fewer skipped workouts to giving yourself that extra push, take a look at the many benefits of working out with a mate. Maintain workout motivation Without […]

Date: 07/08/2017

Whatever your age, there’s strong scientific evidence that being physically active can help you lead a healthier and even happier life. “If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented,” says Dr Nick Cavill, a health promotion consultant. And the good thing about doing a variety of yoga […]

Date: 26/06/2017

By Sean Maloney, PhD, ASCC. Andy Murray, Gareth Bale, LeBron James, the New Zealand All Blacks. What do they all have in common? Well, they’re the among the biggest names in an ever-growing list of sporting superstars that realise that athletes should do yoga. Although yoga isn’t likely to make you bigger, stronger or faster athlete, […]

Date: 01/03/2017

You may well be sat there wondering, what benefit does being able to touch my toes or perfecting downward dog have to do with running? Well, whilst learning and developing yoga skills might seem irrelevant for those looking to run far or fast at first, with a little extra knowledge you’ll soon understand how yoga will […]

Date: 01/06/2015

This year, rather alarmingly, I turn 40. A lot changes between 30 and 40. Probably most notably, you get a little more wrinkly and you find yourself using the same turns of phrase as your parents (has music in bars really always been this loud!) but most worryingly, for me at least, suddenly cancer is […]

Date: 01/05/2015

Every young girl nowadays has to deal with a host of problems but you would expect these to be along the lines of what to wear, ‘shall I go out tonight?’, or boyfriend trouble. Not depression. I considered myself an average 22 year old with a good life. I’d just completed my degree in fashion […]

Date: 27/08/2014

Date: 14/07/2014

We’re really excited to get the opportunity to teach yoga in the Pentalum as part of the International Festival. Here’s the press release issued by the Centre:MK that’s got all the info you need. Classes take place on the 23rd and 25th July at 10am. Spots are first come, first served, so get there early […]