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Date: 18/09/2019

One of the things you may have noticed in our yoga classes is that we talk, a lot. There’s actually a reason behind this. Yes, we want to give you clear and accurate instruction, and in a yoga pose there’s a lot to be paying attention to, but that’s not the only reason why we […]

Date: 09/07/2019

Last week I read an article that said that in order for yoga studios to survive they need to deliver classes online. Every news article you read or hear is talking about how businesses need to go online to thrive. I get it; online is convenient. Why would I make the trip to a store […]

Date: 15/04/2019

Last week I went to a yoga class. I wanted to try out a new studio. I had a look at the timetable and booked into a class called Hot Hatha. When I got there, the instructor began by explaining that her way of teaching was slightly different to what I might be used to. […]

Date: 11/09/2018

You name it, and there’s an Instagram account dedicated to it. Everyone knows that on Instagram, reality is blown out of proportion and only the best details of people’s lives are presented. The same, absolutely, can be said of yoga. Just take a quick look at the yoga hashtags and accounts online and what sticks […]

Date: 27/01/2018

How many of you heard or read this headline in the news this week? These news stories were the result of the publishing of the findings from this study: Effects of yoga interventions in heated and thermoneutral conditions on endothelium-dependent vasodilation: The Bikram Heart Study. So I needed a bit of help here. Here’s what […]

Date: 12/04/2017

According to figures quoted in the Health and Safety Executive Annual Statistics Report for Great Britain, an estimated 1.2 million people who worked in 2014/15 were suffering from an illness they believed was caused or made worse by work. 516,000 of which were new cases which started in the year. Around 80 percent of new […]

Date: 28/10/2016

So, there’s a new debate raging in the yoga world. Is yoga doing more harm than good, with inexperienced yoga teachers instructing trusting clients into poses that are injuring them? In a statement covered by the Guardian today, the British Wheel of Yoga is calling for increased training and more regulation of yoga instructors with the aim of […]

Date: 24/03/2016

If you’ve booked yourself into class this week, you probably noticed an unprecedented number of waitlisted classes. While we have welcomed a few new faces to the studio, an increase in Sweaties isn’t the reason for the busy classes. Sadly we’re experiencing a large number of people booking classes, which they later cancel or don’t show for.  In […]

Date: 01/09/2015

So I have a confession. Despite owning a yoga studio, I am not the most active of people. I used to be. I would even go so far as to say I was previously mildly addicted to exercise. It started off with running and swimming when I was at school and then aerobics in my […]

Date: 01/06/2015

This year, rather alarmingly, I turn 40. A lot changes between 30 and 40. Probably most notably, you get a little more wrinkly and you find yourself using the same turns of phrase as your parents (has music in bars really always been this loud!) but most worryingly, for me at least, suddenly cancer is […]