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Date: 30/07/2019

Last month, we watched our 2019 class of yoga teacher trainees set off into the big wide world, starting their new careers as yoga instructors. This motivated bunch had been picking up classes before they’d even finished their final exams, helping out trainees from previous years by covering their classes. Teaching as quickly as you […]

Date: 11/09/2018

You name it, and there’s an Instagram account dedicated to it. Everyone knows that on Instagram, reality is blown out of proportion and only the best details of people’s lives are presented. The same, absolutely, can be said of yoga. Just take a quick look at the yoga hashtags and accounts online and what sticks […]

Date: 13/07/2018

With the Tour de France just beginning in the north of France, and the world’s best cyclists putting their bodies to the test, many other riders will be dreaming about emulating their abilities. What if we told you that yoga could help with your performance in the saddle? Oft perceived as slow and stationary, tied […]

Date: 30/11/2017

A letter to the person next to me in yoga class tonight… I spotted you as soon as you walked in. You had that nervous look of a newbie. You were at an advanced level class, but how were you to know? The timetable just had a Sanskrit class name and the person on reception […]

Date: 20/11/2017

So, I’ve signed up to a half marathon in March. When I tell this to people they say, “oh well, you’re a runner aren’t you?”. Let me put this straight; I am most definitely not a runner. I combine dog walking with a gentle jog and stop every few paces for a chat with another […]

Date: 26/05/2017

You might be thinking, you already go to the gym, so why should you include yoga into your exercise routine, isn’t that just for relaxing? Although it is a fantastic way of finding some headspace and letting go of any stress in your body, yoga can dramatically improve your gym workouts. The perfect partner to any […]

Date: 23/12/2016

Three years ago when we opened our doors we had a vision; to remove the barriers that served to deter people and create a friendly, welcoming, supportive and modern space for everyone to participate in yoga. We felt passionately (and still do) that everybody would benefit from some yoga in their lives. We wanted to […]

Date: 30/12/2015

Yoga has a bad rep. Suggest to someone that they should do yoga and you’ll often be met with a point blank “no”. No discussion, no debate. It can sometimes feel akin to asking someone to suddenly start listening to S Club 7. It simply isn’t for them. They’ve ruled it out. They are not […]

Date: 10/08/2015

If you’re active on social media and perhaps follow yoga, you may have come across a group called The Boys of Yoga. This band of global yoga aficionados has been making big waves through social media and print press and were featured in Men’s Fitness in July. Their goal is to challenge the stereotypes surrounding yoga […]

Date: 22/05/2014

Have you heard that hot yoga is done in dank, sweaty rooms, with limited to no facilities and horrid dirty carpets that bread germs? Unfortunately at some studios this can be the case. Having handed over our hard earned cash at many of these places, at Sweat we were passionate about doing things differently. Why […]