Are you getting the best rate?

Date: 04/07/2017

Are you getting the best rate?

Are you struggling to get your head around our new pricing? If you used to use pay as you go and minute packs to pay for your classes, our new structure means you can save on your previous per class rate. Here’s how it works:

If you previously bought minutes packs

Go for the new Flexible Membership. Buy a 4, 8 or Unlimited Class Monthly Membership depending on how often you can make it to class. Can be stopped and started as you need. No minimum terms, no joining fees. Join when you want, for as long as you want. All our memberships come with added perks of regular special offers, savings on workshops and special classes, as well as access to our member benefits. And if you run out of classes in a month, don’t panic! You can purchase additional ones as and when you need at a per class rate. Monthly memberships have to be set up online not via the app. Please select the ‘Monthly Memberships’ tab from the Online Store.

If you previously did pay as you you go

Buy a Multi-Class Pass. Save up to £5 on the previous pay as you go rate. For the best value purchase a peak 10 Class Pass (lasts for 6 months) or an Off-Peak 5 Class Pass (lasts for 3 months). Gives you the benefit of a reduced class rate without the weekly commitment. Come and go as you please!

You can find full details of the various ways you can get your sweat on with us here.