Instructor update

Date: 13/09/2017

Instructor update

Our teaching team has undergone quite a few changes over the last few months. With summer holidays now over and our recently graduated teacher training cohort ready and able to hit the timetable, we have a new schedule of instructors for you this autumn.

At Sweat we do things a little differently. Whereas most yoga studios will work exclusively with freelance yoga teachers, we have a core team that works directly for Sweat combining teaching with the day-to-day running of the Studio (supported by a fabulous reception team). These are the instructors you see on the timetable the most; Kirsty, Ali and Lucinda. But even they need a rest sometimes and with Lucinda responsible for studio management and Kirsty for growing and developing the business, our team of freelancers are integral to keeping classes staffed. As these instructors combine yoga teaching with full-time jobs elsewhere or other commitments, changes to their lives do sadly often mean changes to our schedule. Here’s what’s been happening:

Zoe Rowe

Zoe joined us on reception over a year ago while she completed her Phd. A lover of Sweat and our approach to yoga, she quickly made the decision to join our teacher training program at the end of her studies.

Over the summer Zoe’s been a great help, picking up a number of classes while other instructors took a well earned break. This super brain has now secured herself a fantastic full-time role with Unilever. While we are very sad to lose her from the Sweat team, we’re delighted that she’ll be taking a regular slot on the timetable on Tuesdays at 7:30pm.

Sabinah Knight

If you were a regular at Sabinah’s Thursday 6pm class and were wondering where she’d disappeared to, we can now reveal all. We’re delighted to announce that Sabinah is expecting her first child. Sadly this meant she had to give up teaching for us with immediate effect and we’d like to say a big “thank you” to all the teachers who quickly stepped in to take on Sabinah’s class over the summer.

With summer holidays now over, we’re pleased the 6pm Thursday class will have a regular teacher in Claire Abercrombie. Welcome to the team Claire!

Sarah K-Hirji

A long standing and much loved instructor at the Studio, Sarah recently added our Sweat Hot sessions to the extensive list of classes she teaches for us. She’s been a massive help over the summer, covering Kirsty’s Saturday morning to enable her to cover Ali’s Friday nights and Sunday mornings so Ali could study for her advanced yoga teacher training certification. 

With full-time occupations outside of teaching, Sarah and Kirsty will now be alternating Saturdays giving them both a well-earned weekend break every other week.

Claire Abercrombie, Louise Lewis and Jules Buchanan

As the lives of our our freelance instructors change, we sadly have to lose them from our timetable every now and then. As Susie and Sara move onto new challenges, we’re pleased to welcome a number of teachers from our recent teacher training program to the schedule this September; Louise takes on the Wednesday 8pm slot, Claire will be stepping into Sabinah’s shoes on Thursdays at 6pm and Jules will be mixing it up on Thursday at 8pm. As familiar faces to the studio before their training and fans of our classes, we’re confident they’ll teach you in the style you know and love. Welcome to the team girls!

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