Timetable changes

Date: 14/10/2018

Timetable changes

There’ll be a few changes to the schedule over the coming weeks as we welcome three new receptionists, say goodbye to our much loved Zoe, and change up the timetable in line with your requests. We’re always keen to hear your views, so let us know what changes you’d like to see.


As we work to replace Ellie on reception on a Monday night, Jules and Ali will be temporarily sharing the task of teaching and manning the front desk with Jules taking on the 12:30pm and 5:30pm Sweat Hot Classic classes as of 15th October. Ali should be back at the helm on November 26th.


Sadly for us, but amazingly for her, our lovely Zoe has gone and got herself a job promotion and is relocating to London at the end of October. As one door closes another one opens and we’re pleased to announce that Kelly will be stepping into her shoes in the 7:30pm Sweat Hot Classic class.


This month we’re welcoming three new trainees to our front desk; Aimee, Julie and Jess. In order to get them trained up on all things Sweat, Kirsty will be handing over her Wednesday night 5:30pm and 7pm classes to Lucinda while she helps out our new starters on the reception desk on a Tuesday. Kirsty will be back in her Wednesday night spot the first week in December.


We’ve had a number of requests for another Sweat Flow class on the schedule. Starting 8th November, the 7:30pm Sweat Hot Classic class on a Thursday night will be a Flow. If you’re new to Flow this class will be a great opportunity to learn the ropes.


While we get our new starters up to speed, Sarah will be helping out Kirsty and Ali, teaching the 10:30am Sweat Hot Classic class from time to time.


We hear you…90 minute classes just take too much time out of your day. As of 4th November, the 90 minute Stretch & Flex class will be changing to just 60 minutes, hopefully making it easy for you to fit it into your schedule.

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