Our pre-natal yoga classes are for mums and bumps from their second trimester

Pre-Natal Yoga

Congratulations on your happy news! Yoga is a great way to keep healthy and happy during pregnancy and prep your body for childbirth, and at Sweat Studios, we like to keep our pre-natal yoga as straightforwards as possible. Our classes focus on breathing, relaxation and gentle exercise to help you prepare for the physical, mental and emotional changes you’ll be experiencing throughout your pregnancy.

We have a maximum of 15 mums-to-be in any pre-natal yoga class, so you’re guaranteed to have lots of one-on-one attention! Don’t panic if you’ve never done yoga before as all our exercises are simple to follow and we’re here to help you along the way!

Why choose Sweat pre-natal yoga?

Designed for mums and bumps in their second trimester and beyond, Sweat pre-natal yoga will keep you fit and healthy, as well as combating some of the peskier side effects of pregnancy:

  • Improved muscle tone and flexibility
  • Reduced nausea, headaches, water retention and backache
  • Improved digestion and circulation
  • Reduced high blood pressure and varicose veins, stress and anxiety, along with other pregnancy lovelies such as haemorrhoids (did we mention how unfair it is that men don’t have babies?!)
  • Improved sleep (it’s important to get as much sleep as possible whilst you still can!)

Vicky’s story

Shortly after beginning yoga classes with us, Vicky became pregnant with her first child. She joined our pregnancy yoga classes and credits them for a four hour birth managed without pain relief. Read her story.

Course dates, times and cost

Our next 6 week course begins on Thursday September 5th, 7:45-9pm. Classes are held at our Buckingham studio. Our 6 week pre-natal yoga course costs £62.50.

If you don’t want to sign up for the complete course, you can pay session-by-session (£12.50) as long as the course isn’t fully subscribed. To book classes in this way, please contact the studio directly by phone (01908673811) or email.

Handy tips for yoga first-timers

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing
  • Avoid eating less than 2 hours before class. A small snack such as nuts or fruit can help to keep your blood sugar levels up, but don’t come on a full tummy
  • Arrive hydrated and stay hydrated
  • Listen to your body – if a position doesn’t feel right, don’t do it

P.S. Our pre-natal yoga classes are not taught in a hot room.

If you have any questions about our pre-natal yoga sessions, simply drop us a message or call 01908 673 811.

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