We’re all different. So there’s a number of ways you can sign up for yoga at Sweat. For yogaficionados, dabblers, newbies or the yoga-curious, there’s a pricing programme that will suit your pocket, your body and your schedule.

Prices & Membership

You don’t have to be a member of Sweat Studios to enjoy our classes. Memberships will give you the best bang for your buck, but you can also buy blocks of classes or just drop in when you please. We’re not in the business of getting you to sign your life away. All of our memberships are no contract, no minimum terms and no joining or cancellation fees. Basically, no nonsense.

To purchase follow the links below or download our app and select ‘buy’ from the menu.

Newbies – Trying it out

If you’re a Sweat first timer, you can purchase four classes for £30. Giving you savings of up to £30. Classes expire 4 weeks after purchase. It’s a great way to try us out and see the type of class you enjoy.


Buckingham studio only packages

For classes once a week or less, opt for a 10 class pass. Classes last for 4 months from purchase.

For classes twice a week or more, take a membership.

Our unlimited membership will give you the best class rate. It can be started and stopped at any time. No minimum terms, no joining or cancellation fees. And, the good news is, the more often you come, the cheaper your classes get.

Packages can be used to cover classes at our Buckingham studio only.

Membership – A class a week or more

If you’re loving this yoga thang and are keen to make a regular date with it, then opt for monthly membership. Memberships give you the best class rate and can be started and stopped at any time. No minimum terms, no joining or cancellation fees. Join when you want, for as long as you want. Just opt for the number of classes you’d like to take each month and if you run out, don’t worry! You can top up as and when you need, buying an extra class at a time at the per class rate of your membership. See you can have your cake and eat it, just not right before class, remember…


Monthly memberships can also be set up via the Sweat Studios app. Just select ‘Buy’ from the menu and then ‘Membership’ or ‘Autopays’.

Multi-Class Passes – Need flexibility

If committing to a class a week will be a struggle (let’s face it, lives can be busy), you can still save on the pay as you go rate by buying a block of 10 classes which will last for 4 months from purchase. Classes cannot be used once a pass has expired so be sure to hit your mat often enough.

  • Pay as you go – Just dropping in

    If you prefer to take each day as it comes, no worries! You can simply pay as you go. Grab a loyalty card from us and for every nine classes you do, you’ll get your tenth for free. Simple!

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