Not only do we give you great yoga at a great price, you can earn rewards with us for simply doing the things you do. Each reward point translates into credit with the studio.

Sweat Rewards

Points last for a year and can be used to buy online or in-person. Here’s how you can start stashing some points and boosting your account credit:

Referring friends

Join our referral program. Your friends will get their first class half price and you’ll earn 500 reward points (£5) for every new person who attends the studio. To sign up, just follow this link and choose the studio you attend. Pop in the email address you use to book your classes with us, the email addresses of up to 25 of your friends/family and away you go. They’ll get an email via the system with a promotion code to book their first class at 50% discount (make sure they check their junk) and each time someone new attends the studio, you’ll receive £5 in account credit.

Introducing us to your HR team

We’re passionate about getting people away from their desks and onto a mat. Bad backs and stress and anxiety account for 80% of all work-related illnesses, all of which could be avoided with a regular yoga class. So, if you’d like to see yoga form part of your company’s, wellness activities, introduce us to your HR team. We’ll say a big “thank you” with a whopping 1,000 reward points (£10). Just send the information to Here’s how we’ve helped other businesses.

Spending your rewards

To spend your rewards, you need to be on the full version of our booking system:

  • Follow this link and key in your usual email address and password.
  • To see what rewards you have, click on the ‘Account’ link under ‘My Info’, scroll to the very bottom of the page and your rewards balance will be shown.
  • To spend your rewards, you can select the ‘Classes’ tab to book a class and then choose to use your rewards at the checkout. Alternatively, select the ‘Online Store’ tab and decide which product you’d like to buy and again you’ll have the option to pay with rewards.
  • Please note that rewards can only spent online in this way, they are not available via the app or the timetable and booking system accessible on this website.

    To make a purchase with us in the studio, simply tell the reception team you’d like to use your rewards and they’ll do the rest. Rewards cannot be redeemed against items which are already discounted and must be spent up within a year of you earning them.

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