We’re all different. So there’s a number of ways you can sign up for yoga at Sweat. For yogaficionados, dabblers, newbies or the yoga-curious, there’s a pricing programme that will suit your pocket, your body and your schedule.

Prices & Membership

All classes can be booked and paid for online through our class booking and payment system. Peak classes are evenings from 5pm onwards and weekends. Off-peak is weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 7am-5pm.  There’s a nifty app you can use for managing your bookings on the go. Download it for iPhone and Android. Please make sure you’ve read our Terms and Conditions for all the boring stuff with regards refunds and cancellation policies before you buy.


Trying it out.

If you’re a Sweat first timer,  That’s less than £1.30 a day to yoga every day. There’s no better way to try out all of our classes. It’s a limit of one class per day and not included in the 30 days are our monthly Bliss class and the Sunday Special classes. The Sundays Specials can be purchased at a supplement of £5 per session.

Pay as you go

Just flirting.

Prefer to take every day as it comes? That’s cool. Choose from a range of class times to suit your ability, schedule or mood and simply pay as you go. Grab a loyalty card from us and for every nine classes you do, you’ll get your tenth for free!

Multi-Class Passes

Happy for commitment but need flexibility.

Buy a block of classes that you can use as and when you please and get a better class rate. The more classes you buy, the cheaper they get. Simple! Have your cake and eat it. Just not right before class, remember?


Classes cannot be used once a pass has expired so be sure to hit your mat often enough.


Routine’s the name of your game.

If you’re loving this yoga thang and are keen to make a regular date with it, then opt for membership. Monthly Memberships can be started and stopped at any time. No minimum terms, no joining fees. Join when you want, for as long as you want. And, if that wasn’t enough, all our memberships come with added perks of regular special offers, savings on workshops and special classes, as well as access to our member benefits

If you’re an avid Sweaty, an unlimited membership will give you the best bang for your buck allowing you to come as often as you please.

But often with the best intentions in the world, more than a class or two a week simply isn’t realistic, so why pay for something you won’t use? Instead, just opt for a membership that gives you the number of classes you know you need and lighten the load on your pocket. And if you run out of classes, don’t worry! You can top up as and when you need, buying an extra class at a time.

  • CHERRY ON TOP: Save a month when you buy includes a free towel per visit and a welcome pack full of goodies.
  • Monthly memberships have to be set up online not via the app. Just follow the links above from a computer.

    To cancel, log on to your account on a PC. Check you are in the my ‘Account’ page under ‘My Info’. Scroll down to ‘Autopays’ and then select ‘Terminate’ on the autopay scheduled for the next month. This will stop the next payment from being taken from your bank, but will allow you to continue to take classes on your current month.

    Gift voucher

    Loving your yoga? Keen to get others hooked? Struggling to find someone that perfect gift? Here’s your answer…a Sweat Studios gift voucher! You can add an amount of your choice and we’ll give you a lovely little card you can personalise for your lucky recipient.

    Come and see us in the Studio for more information or purchase online.

    One on one

    If you’d like a bit of individual attention, we provide one on one instruction in our main studio (if available) or in our private yoga room. One on ones can be booked for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. 15-30 minutes are good if you just want a bit of guidance on a few postures or some advice as to how to get the most out of your practice. 60 minutes allows us to work a little more in depth with you.

    • 15 minutes: £20
    • 30 minutes: £40
    • 60 minutes: £80

    Yoga for good

    Being a hot yoga studio, we know we have the heating on quite a lot. That’s why we insulate our studio to the highest level and do everything we can to conserve energy. To keep our karma in check, we also donate 10% of our profits to non-profit organisations focused on addressing the issues associated with climate change.

    This way, we can all cool it on the carbon emissions while turning up the heat.