All of our monthly memberships are fully flexible meaning you can stop and start them as you wish.

How to cancel a membership

You can cancel your membership online in the following way:

  • Follow this link on a PC (not a smart phone or device)
  • Log on to your account using your usual email address and password. Click the tab saying ‘My info’ and the select ‘Account’ from the menu at the top. Scroll down the page till you get to ‘Autopays’ and then select ‘Terminate’ on the autopay for the current month. This will stop your membership immediately so it’s important that you only do this when you have used up all of your classes, or the day before your membership is due to renew.
  • Alternatively you can email the reception team who will happily action the cancellation for you. Just tell them when you would like to cancel your membership from.

Please note you MUST be on a PC to do this, cancelling your membership isn’t possible from your phone, iPad or other smart device. Your membership must be cancelled directly by you or via a request made to us in an email, before your month’s payment is taken. We cannot refund monthly payments once taken.

When you’re ready to come back to us you can rejoin by simply selecting the membership option you prefer from our prices & membership page. Please be aware that if our membership prices change and you stop and rejoin, you will rejoin at the higher rate. So, depending on how long you’re away for, it may be better just to keep it running. If you’re unsure on the best action for you, just chat to us. We’d be happy to help.

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