Booking your first class? Here's everything you need to know...

First Timers info

To get a sneak peek of what will happen when you arrive at the studio for the first time, watch this short video.

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  • Before you arrive:Open or Close

    Arrive at least 20 minutes before your first class so we can show you round the studio and your instructor can talk through any questions or health issues you may have. Please note, our yoga instructors will do their best to assist, but they’re not doctors. If you’re not sure if yoga’s right for you, it’s worth having a quick chat to your GP before you rock up for your first class. Also, for all classes some basic mobility is required; being able to stand unaided, get on and off the floor without issue, kneel and sit in a cross legged position relatively comfortably for a period of time.

  • What to wear:Open or Close

    Wear close-fitting, light clothing that absorbs the sweat from your body. Baggy or heavy clothes get weighty and oozy with sweat and just generally get in the way. So lose the leg warmers, ladies. For the guys – make sure loose shorts or swimming trunks have an inner lining (otherwise the person behind you may see more than they were bargaining for) and you’re wearing a top. Girls, be sure to do the ‘can you see my pants’ test, those leggings may be more see-through than you think!

  • What to eat and drink:Open or Close

    Try to skip that big burger you’ve been lusting over if it’s 2-3 hours before class. Save it for later. The postures work both internally and externally and doing a twisting pose designed to massage your stomach after a full meal can be a bit uncomfortable. That said you need something in your tummy. So if you’re hungry grab a energy bar, banana or a yoghurt, nothing too heavy. Practicing on a completely empty stomach can make you light-headed.

    Come to class hydrated. Rather than guzzling down litres of water just prior or during the class (you’ll only want to rush to the loo), try to make water part of your daily regime (2 – 3 litres a day). End of lesson!

  • What to bring:Open or Close

    Bring a change of clothes to wear after class if you’re doing a Sweat Hot class. You will sweat.

    Bring water or fill up a bottle when you get here. We have filtered water on tap. You’ll also need a £1 coin for the lockers.

    We rent towels out for £2 each, but if you’d rather bring your own, then make sure you bring two – one large enough to cover your mat (bath-sized) and another for showering afterwards.

    Yoga mats are provided, but you’re also welcome to bring your own. Just place it on top of one of the mats on the floor.

  • Where to find usOpen or Close

    We’re in the Hub, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 2FZ. Park in Sainsbury’s on Witan Gate (free for 3 hours), exit the supermarket front doors, cross the road and walk right up Avebury Boulevard, turn left at the Sk:n Clinic and we’re on the right.

  • Once you’re here: Open or Close

    Please slip off your kitten heels or Ugg boots as you enter the studio. Yoga is a barefoot thing, so we try to leave the dirt at the door.

    Lockers are provided, so guys and gals, please stow those phones and bags for the duration of the class.

    During the class we want everyone to have the chance to focus, so no chit-chat. If you want to catch up with a mate, have a natter outside the class. Or better yet, reward yourselves with a drink down the road afterwards!

    Take a place on the second or third row so you can watch the people in front of you. Our instructors teach by dialogue not demonstrating, so make sure you’ve got someone to follow.

    Stay for the whole class. Yoga classes are very carefully designed to work systematically though your body so each pose is followed by a counter pose. Leave halfway through and you won’t get the full benefits. (Oh, plus it’s super distracting for everyone else if people are coming and going. So stay put!)

  • What to expect:Open or Close

    Nobody gets it all right the first time. Just follow the dialogue as best you can, let the instructor guide you, and watch those around you. You’ll pick it up faster than you can say ‘trianga mukha ashtanga chakra’!

    There will be the odd word you’re not familiar with, but we promise we’ll talk you through every move and every posture in plain English.

    Try to stand still between postures and resist the temptation to wipe your sweat. Sweat is the body’s natural cooling mechanism, so get sweaty, betty!

  • Teacher says...Open or Close

    Classes start on time and there is no late admission!

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