Whether you’re well practiced or a yoga newbie, you’ll find a class that’s suited to you. All of our classes are simply named and clearly explained (you don’t need to know your jivamukti from your ashtanga or your hatha from your vinyasa!).

Sweat Classes Buckingham

All of our classes are straightforwards to follow. Most are suitable for yoga virgins. We take it step by step, postures are built up in stages and there is a level for everyone. No one is required to contort their body in a way it simply doesn’t bend! We know there’s nothing worse than being asked to perform a yoga move that’s probably better off in Cirque du Soleil when standing on one leg is challenge enough.

We offer yoga classes for all moods and needs, whether you’re looking to work-out, stretch-out, or simply chill-out. Use the class descriptions and key below to find the right class for you. Classes at our Buckingham studio are taught at room temperature. If it’s hot yoga you’re looking for, hop to our Milton Keynes studio.

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This all-levels class is a complete head-to-toe, inside-and-out workout. Classes follow a set posture sequence of classic yoga poses (great for developing your yoga know-how), designed to develop your all-round fitness, strength, flexibility and mental focus. You'll work every major muscle and internal organ in your body, manage your stress and anxiety and keep yourself in tip-top condition, no matter what your level of flexibility and/or fitness.



Unlike our Classic class, which follows a set sequence of poses, in a Mix class you can expect to 'mix things up a bit'. Every class is different. It's a chance to try different poses and learn new things. This is another great all-levels class that will provide all the same physical and mental health benefits as our Classic class with a twist.


Slow Flow

In a flow class you move more dynamically. Yoga postures are connected together to form sequences. Flow is great for building strength, mental focus, breath control and developing your flexibility. Slow Flow is good for flow virgins and the well-practiced. By moving slowly through basic flowing yoga poses, you can pay attention to your technique. It's a great for developing the strength and yoga know-how required for our faster moving flow classes.


(Move &) Stretch

If flexibility is the name of your game, these are the classes for you. Stretch classes comprise floor-based yoga poses which are held for a longer period of time to work deep into your flexibility. Move & Stretch begins with some simple yoga moves to open up your body and increase your mobility before moving into a deep stretch. Both classes are fantastic for all levels.



Ok, so this one's not officially yoga, but our Pilates classes are a great complement to our yoga sessions. Pilates is a perfect way to combat all the downsides of sitting at a desk all day. Classes target key muscle areas to build strength, core stability and control. They are great for fixing your posture and aiding a bad back.



Held one Friday a month, Bliss takes it down a notch. Set to music and taught in soft light, the class combines mellow, flowing postures with deep stretching, stress-relieving poses. It's perfect for ridding you of your weekday stresses and setting you up for the weekend. Not suitable for those with injury and/or physical limitations.



Our kids classes for ages 4-9 incorporate yoga movements with play. They'll maintain their innate flexibility (as the saying goes 'use it or lose it') while developing muscular strength and endurance. Classes also improve mental focus, imagination and self-belief and encourage a sense of fun.



Our pre-natal classes are for mums and bumps in their second trimester onwards. Classes focus on breathing, relaxation and gentle exercise to help you prepare for the physical, mental and emotional changes you’ll be experiencing throughout your pregnancy. Classes run as 6 week courses of 75 minute weekly sessions.