All of our classes are straightforwards to follow. Most are suitable for yoga virgins. We take it step by step and there is a level for everyone. Just decide whether you’re looking to work-out, stretch-out, or simply chill-out.

Sweat Classes Milton Keynes

Classes are taught in a temperature and humidity controlled studio. By adding heat you get the additional benefits of detoxification (plus lots of other great stuff). Also, warming up your muscles allows non-bendies to become far more flexible so they get more out of the class (it’s like magic!). Not everything we teach is hot though, many of our classes are taught at a warm or simply room temperature. Take a look at the icons next to the class descriptions below to see what’s what.


A complete head-to-toe, inside-and-out workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat. Classic classes follow a set sequence of simple to perform yoga poses (great to build your yoga know-how), designed to develop your cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and mental focus. It's a great way to keep yourself in tip-top condition, no matter what your level of flexibility and/or fitness.



Unlike our Classic class, which follows a set sequence of poses, in a Mix class you can expect to 'mix things up a bit'. Every class is different. It's a chance to try different poses and learn new things. This is another great all-levels class that will provide all the same physical and mental health benefits as our Classic class with a twist.



If flexibility is the name of your game, these are the classes for you. Stretch classes comprise floor-based yoga poses which are held for a longer period of time to work deep into your flexibility. Move & Stretch begins with some simple yoga moves to open up your body and increase your mobility before moving into a deep stretch. Both classes are fantastic for all levels.



In a flow class, yoga postures are connected together to form sequences. But don't worry, we don't expect you to be Darcey Bussell. Hot Flow is a high energy, dynamic, all-round strength, flexibility workout that will get your heart rate pumping. Great for developing all over muscle tone, balance, co-ordination and breath control. Not recommended for complete newbies, and/or those with injury/physical limitations.



This seasonal class runs over the Winter months. It's a mellow, slowly flowing yoga class which is great for all levels, yoga beginners included. In a warm, candlelit room, you'll connect together basic yoga poses and practice sequencing your movement with your breath. This is a great class 'to take the edge off' as you retreat into your own little world, snuggly flowing yoga poses to soft music. Not advisable for those with limitations.


Candlelit Chill-Out

This seasonal class is designed to beat the winter blues. With shorter days and longer nights our natural rhythm is disrupted and we require more rest as our energy reserves are depleted. This chilled-out yoga class comprises slow, simple, floor-based yoga poses to deliver the benefits of rest without sleep. With the help of bolsters and other yoga props you completely relax while giving your body a stretch where it most needs it.



Held one Friday a month, Bliss takes it down a notch. Set to music and taught in soft light, the class combines mellow, flowing postures with deep stretching, stress-relieving poses. It's perfect for ridding you of your weekday stresses and setting you up for the weekend. Not suitable for those with injury and/or physical limitations.


Headstands, handstands and arm balances

Keen to go upside down and learn some party tricks? This monthly Sunday afternoon class allows you to do just that; it's a chance to play with postures and surprise yourself with what you can do. Combining a flowing yoga practice with partner work, head and handstand practice and some playful arm balances, it's an ideal class for having some fun. Not recommended for yoga newbies and/or those with injury/physical limitations.


Rest, renew, restore

Join us once a month for an afternoon of chilled out bliss and kiss goodbye to stress and anxiety. This Sunday Special begins with a simple, nurturing yoga practice to clear your mind and relax your body and closes with yoga nidra, also known as "yogic sleep". You'll achieve the deepest possible state of relaxation, while still maintaining full consciousness, to leave you walking on air.