In order that we can all "sweat" along nicely, there's some house rules we ask everyone to abide by.

Sweat House Rules

Bookings and cancellations

We don’t take unpaid bookings, so to ensure you get a spot, it’s a good idea to pay for and book your classes online. Just login, complete your registration details, select your class and off you go. Easy peasy. You can even download our app for iPhone and Android to manage things on the go.

You can book classes two weeks in advance. General group classes must be cancelled no less than 3 hours before class starts . This gives another Sweaty enough time to come and take your space if you no longer need it. You can cancel online, via the app or by giving us a call. If we don’t pick up, just leave us a message.

If you’ve booked in for a monthly class, such as Bliss, or a special class, the cancellation policy is 24 hours before and for workshops and pre-natal and kids yoga courses, the cancellation window is no less than 2 weeks prior.

Please note all purchases once made are non refundable, however, for early cancellations class passes will be returned to your account for future use or monies paid can be placed on your Studio account for us against future purchases. This account credit is valid for 6 months only. Single class passes are valid for one month from purchase.

If you do book and aren’t at the studio five minutes before class starts, we’ll have to give away your spot if it’s super busy (and you’ll still be charged for the class – double whammy, sorry).

If you’re on an unlimited membership and you don’t show for your booked class or late cancel more than three times in a two week period, we’ll have to remove your ability to book your classes for the following three weeks.

Sorry if all of this sounds harsh, but with busy classes and long waitlists, we just want to give everyone who wants to the chance to get a spot in class.

Using the waitlist

If a class is fully booked, pop yourself on the waitlist. Spaces generally do come available. If you get a mat you’ll be emailed/sent a text/notified via the Sweat Studios app. You can be added to class from the waitlist up to an hour before it’s due to start. So, if you’re not able to make it, remember to take yourself off the list otherwise you may still be charged. For more info on how the waitlist works, click here.

Studio facilities

Reception opens 20 minutes before each class and our changing rooms close 30 minutes after class finishes.

Staying safe

Please let us know if you have any injuries or health issues and we’ll do our best to help you. Remember though, we’re not trained doctors, so if in doubt speak to someone in the know. We have a great osteopath we work with.

Don’t come to class on an empty stomach. A hot yoga class burns as many calories as a 5k run so you need energy. Drink lots throughout the day so you’re hydrated and rehydrate after class. Coconut water tastes amazing and is full of good stuff.

Arrive late and we won’t be able to let you in. The coming and going is super distracting for your fellow Sweaties and to keep you safe it’s important you complete the whole class. If it’s your first class arrive at least 15 minutes before so the instructor has time to greet you and talk to you about any health issues or injuries you might have.

During class

You need a towel that’s big enough to cover your mat. A proper yoga towel is a seriously worthwhile investment. No towel means no class. It’s important for hygiene reasons and for stopping you slipping about on your mat in a hot class. You can always hire from us.

Dress modestly. Leave the bikinis and speedos for the beach. Blokes please wear tops.

Stash mobile phones and other valuables in lockers for the duration of class. The only thing you need in the studio is you, your towel and water.

Yoga’s a barefoot thing so the kitten heels and Uggs need to be left at the door. Socks stay in your locker.

No chit chatting in the yoga room. Let everyone find their zen.

Stay for the whole class. Leave halfway through and you won’t get the full benefits. Plus it’s super distracting for everyone else if people are coming and going. So stay put. If you feel too hot or a bit funny (don’t worry it happens to the best of us), just sit or lie down on your mat (hot air rises and it’s cooler down there). Our lovely instructors will come and check that everything is ok.

Try to stand still between postures and resist the temptation to wipe your sweat in a hot class. Sweat is the body’s natural cooling mechanism, so get sweaty, Betty!

Don’t worry if you feel like your brain might explode on the first class. There’s a lot to take in and no one gets it right first time. Keep coming and you’ll pick it up faster than you can say ‘trianga mukha ashtanga chakra’!

Right, that’s it! Let’s get to it….

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