Oh no! You've gone to book your favourite class and it's saying 'waitlist only'. Don't panic. Here's our simple guide to using the waitlist and getting a spot in class.

Using the waitlist

The waitlist is a great way to snag yourself a mat in a popular class. As people with booked spots begin to cancel out, waitlist people are moved into class. In general, most people on the waitlist manage to get themselves a mat.

As soon as you get a spot, your reservation is subject to our standard booking terms and conditions. You can be added into class from the waitlist up to an hour before it’s due to start. If you get added in with less than three hours to go, then you cancel, your cancellation will be recorded as a ‘late cancel’ and you’ll forfeit your class credit or risk losing your ability to pre-book your classes if you’re on an unlimited membership. Always remember to cancel yourself off waitlists if you can no longer make it.

There are number of ways to find out whether you’ve got a spot in class once on a waitlist:

The Sweat Studios app

This is by far the easiest way to manage your waitlists. Download our app for iPhone and Android. Hop to the ‘Waitlist’ section. If you’re still on the waitlist you’ll see your number in the queue in orange. Once you’ve got a spot, the colour will change to green to indicate you’ve bagged a mat. Simples! If it says ‘waitlist unconfirmed’ don’t worry. It just means we haven’t received a text from you to say you definitely want the spot (see below), but we’ll still presume you’re coming.

Text message

If you’re set up to receive text messages from us, you’ll be texted and offered a spot in class. Simply text back ‘Y’ to take the spot and ‘N’ to decline it. If we don’t hear from you, we presume it’s a ‘yes’.

Didn’t get the text? Go to your profile in our booking system. Check that you have subscribed to reminders and schedule changes and check the box to receive texts. Double check that your mobile number is correct. If you’ve ever texted back ‘stop’ to any of our text messages, you’ll need to text ‘start’ to +447481339613 to reactivate this service.


You’ll be emailed when you have a spot in class.

Didn’t get the email? Go to your profile and check that you are subscribed to reminders and schedule changes and that your communication preferences aren’t set just to ‘text’. Double check that your email address is correct and add info@sweatstudios.co.uk to your address book to ensure that our emails land in your inbox rather than the spam folder.

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