How yoga can keep your spine healthy

Date: 10/12/2018

How yoga can keep your spine healthy

Spinal health is essential. Our spine supports our bodies, protecting the nerves and enabling us to move. Each cell in our bodies is controlled by our central nervous system. If problems with our spine means it is unable to support the central nervous system, issues can rear their head.

Maintaining spinal health is therefore vital.

Easing lower back pain

Figures show around 2.5 million people in the UK suffer from back pain on a daily basis, costing the NHS approximately £12.3 billion and contributing to half of all sick days in Britain.

Back pain can range from anything from a constant, dull ache, to a sharp pain that leaves someone incapacitated. Pain in the back can be the result of years of bad posture, heavy lifting or the result of an accident.

Proper alignment and a good posture, designed to maintain the natural curvature shape of the spine, is important in helping to avoid or reduce lower back pain.

Yoga is an extremely effective form of exercise for maintaining good posture, keeping the curvature shape of the spine and therefore easing back pain.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), practicing a set of carefully adapted yoga postures may help ease the pain for individuals suffering from mild to moderate chronic low back pain and improve their ability to move and walk.

How yoga can help

One of the myriad of benefits of yoga includes improving and maintaining healthy movement and strength of the spine.

Yoga expands the different motions of the spine. By improving the agility and flexibility of the Ali-backbend-248-150x150 How yoga can keep your spine healthyspine, yoga can help reduce the chances of spinal injuries. The different yoga poses encourage the muscles which support the spine to be in alignment with the deep core muscles and the abdomen.

Two of the principle components of maintaining a proper alignment of the spine are flexibility and balance, both of which yoga helps develop. The different poses carried out in a yoga sequence elongate the spine and stretch and strengthen its range of motion.

Yoga for a happy, healthy back

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