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All of our classes will help improve your flexibility but if all you’re really looking for is a deep stretch (or a gentler yoga session), these classes will really suit you.

No matter what your level of mobility or fitness, you’ll benefit. The sessions are ideal for you if you’re a sportsperson, have a desk-based lifestyle or are just in need of a good old stretch and a little bit of quiet time.

You can join one of our Stretch-Out classes in-studio, at home via live stream or as a recording from our on-demand library.


Yoga poses are held for a long duration and performed mostly on the floor to allow you to relax and deepen the stretch. You work beyond your muscles and target your fascia and connective tissue to increase your mobility and flexibility. This is a still class with little movement where you learn to control your racing mind through your breath, improving mental focus and helping you to better manage feelings of stress and anxiety.

Yoga suitable for beginners

Suitable for Beginners

Yoga stretch-out


Yoga chillout

Yoga Chill-Out

Classes available online.

Available Online

Move & Stretch

Move & Stretch begins with some simple yoga moves to open up your body and increase your mobility before moving into a stretch class. Both classes are fantastic for all levels. The benefits to not only your physical but also your mental health are huge. These slower classes are just as important to your wellbeing as getting your sweat on in our more active sessions.

Yoga suitable for beginners

Suitable for Beginners

Yoga stretch-out

Yoga Stretch-Out

Yoga chillout

Yoga Chill-Out

Classes available online.

Available Online

If you’re looking for something a little more energetic (but that will still help you to touch your toes), opt for a workout class.


Only Classes

On-demand you will also find 10-30 minute Stretch-Out classes to fit into a busy day.



15-20mins Online

15-20 minute targeted flexibility sessions for traditionally tight areas; spine, hips, hamstrings and shoulders.



Move and Move & Breathe

20-30mins Online

A 20-30 minute class which is perfect for a lunchtime or an end of work-day stretch-out. A Move & Breathe class also includes a 5-10 minute breathing exercise, guided meditation or relaxation to help you clear your head.




30mins Online

Take it down a notch in the evening with a 30 minute gentle yoga class. Bring mobility to areas that will have become tight during the day and prepare for a good snooze.

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What People Say About Us

Every time I attend a session I feel stretched and reinvigorated.

– Gamiel.

Great teachers - very professional and helpful. Makes going to the classes very enjoyable.

– Mark.

Awesome staff. Well constructed sessions with consistent delivery by knowledgeable instructors.

– George.

It's the best yoga studio I have been to. I feel really relaxed after attending the classes and at the same time my body gets a really good workout.

– Malakey.