Yoga began yonks ago. Seriously, we’re talking thousands of years. Today, to a lot of people it’s a way of being. Some even say it’s a path to enlightenment. Amongst all the gurus, schools, retreats, incense and ohms, it can be a little baffling to work out what it’s really all about.

Sweat Yoga

So at Sweat we keep it simple. We focus on the postures (also known as poses) and breathing aspects of yoga, which combined are an incredibly effective way to stay fit and healthy, inside and out.  We don’t pretend to be gurus and we’re not offering you a life philosophy or a path to anywhere (other than hopefully to a happier, healthier you). But what we are offering is a friendly, fresh, no-nonsense way of doing this yoga thing that’s all about the great workout, and nothing else. 

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