So you’re keen to get started with some yoga. Great! You've come to the right place.

Yoga for Beginners

How to get started

  • Decide whether you’re looking to work-out, stretch-out or just chill-out. Most classes are suitable for newbies.
  • Go to the timetable and select the class you’d like to book
  • Book your class. For the best rate, buy our newbie deal –
  • Have a read of our info for first timers.
  • Download our app to manage future bookings.
  • Whether you’re super sporty and looking for a good stretch, rehabilitating an injury, keen to sort your posture after being bent over a desk all day, or just fancy getting fit in a fun way, then Sweat Studios is just the place for you.

    At Sweat we LOVE yoga newbies. Don’t panic, we promise not to make you wrap your leg behind your head or sit chanting in a circle with your eyes closed. We teach yoga for exercise. That means we leave the spiritual aspects at the door. We also teach yoga for real life (and real bodies), so while bendy Wendy may be posting photos of herself in the splits on social media, we’re keeping it real and teaching yoga poses us “normal” people can actually do.

    “So friendly, despite my limited yoga ability.” Neil, 68

    Yoga at Sweat Studios is truly the best exercise you can do; it’s low impact, meaning it won’t stress and strain your joints, in fact it’ll keep them in great shape, and it’s one of the only exercise forms which will undo all of the downsides of the desk-based, sedentary lives we lead today. It’s a real workout for real life. it’ll help manage your weight, build your strength and muscle tone and leave you feeling great, so what’s stopping you!

    “I am a complete newbie to yoga and felt welcome at Sweat from the start – took out the Sweat Newbie package which is great for finding the classes you like the best. Highly recommended.” Emma, 48

    Beginners yoga course

    At Sweat we don’t offer a beginners yoga course because you don’t need one. By keeping yoga simple, teaching easy-to-perform postures, speaking to you in plain English and giving you assistance during class, you’ll get along just fine in our general classes. We welcome anything up to 150 new members to our studios every month, most doing yoga for the first time, so you don’t need to worry, you’ll be in good company and trust us, no matter how inflexible or unfit you think you might be, we’ve seen it all before.

    Beginners yoga classes

    Most of our classes are suitable for people of all levels of yoga experience, but we have a few classes that are great for first timers:

    (Hot) Classic.

    Our most popular class. An easy-to-follow class comprising basic yoga poses. Each class is the same, so you’re able to build familiarity with the poses and see progression with each class. A complete all-rounder, the class will work your flexibility, strength and fitness. You’ll burn calories, tone up and keep your internal organs, joints and spine in tip-top condition. This is a fantastic class for anyone suffering with back issues, rehabilitating injuries and keen for a yoga class which gives a gym-style workout at the same time. Hot Classic is taught in a hot room (available at our Milton Keynes studio) and Classic is taught at room temperature (available at our Buckingham studio).

    “I always feel very welcome at the studio and am never made to feel like I don’t fit in, even though I’m not as fit or slim as most of the other customers.” Sarah, 42

    (Move &) Stretch.

    A gentle but effective yoga class. These classes are great for staying mobile and developing your flexibility. In our Stretch classes, you’ll hold yoga poses for anything up to 5 minutes and focus on tuning into your breath as a way of learning how to relax. The class focuses on traditionally tight and troublesome areas in your body – hips, hamstrings, thighs, shoulders and spine. Move & Stretch combines these deep stretches with some basic yoga moves to open up your body and increase your mobility. These sessions are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting, or a sporty person looking for a deep stretch.

    “Despite feeling very nervous as it was my first class, I was made to feel very welcome and encouraged.” Lorraine

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