Can't get enough of yoga? Would you like to earn a living from doing something you love? Or perhaps you just want to learn more and further your own practice. Well, our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programme might be right up your street!

Yoga Teacher Training

Over 11 weekend sessions, our Hot Yoga Teacher Training Programme transforms passionate yoga practitioners into highly proficient yoga instructors; ready and able to teach as soon as the course ends.

Learn to become a yoga instructor

The Sweat Studios Yoga Alliance Professionals certified 200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training Programme will commence on 31st January 2020 and will be delivered by Senior Yoga Teachers, Ali Futrill and Charlie Taylor-Rugman.

The programme runs over 11 weekends from 10am-6:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. You are also required to attend one Friday evening, 31st January, 6-9pm.

During the course you will:

  • Learn to teach a 60 minute yoga class using dialogue, verbal cues and hands-on adjustments. This hatha yoga class is suitable to be taught in hot and non-hot studio environments.
  • Understand and be able to teach 50 hatha yoga poses. You will examine their health benefits, explore correct postural alignment, know how to correct common misalignments and perform modifications for limitations and injury (verbally and physically).
  • Know how to adapt and teach the 50 yoga poses safely in a hot yoga studio. Have a clear understanding of hot yoga, its origins, unique characteristics, health benefits and contraindications
  • Explore different teaching styles, the characteristic of a good yoga teacher, understand the type of yoga instructor you want to be and build your confidence and “unique voice” as a yoga instructor
  • Learn about anatomy, kinesiology and physiology and apply them to yoga
  • Understand the different physical and mental benefits delivered by yoga
  • Further your own yoga practice by taking part in yoga classes, broaden your knowledge of different yoga styles and begin to make yoga part of your daily life including home yoga practice and meditation. You will explore the world of yoga beyond the yoga poses, examining the eight limbs of yoga and form a basis on which to develop a yogic lifestyle should you wish
  • Understand basic first aid and how to keep your students safe in a yoga class. Gain an insight into medical conditions that would inhibit the practice of hot yoga/yoga, in particular pregnancy
  • Explore the history of yoga, examine different yoga forms and where they originated from, and study yoga philosophy
  • Understand the business of yoga and how to make a career out of being a yoga teacher
  • The course will comprise:

  • Teaching practice, drills and peer-to-peer teaching
  • Lectures
  • Yoga practice (home and in-studio)
  • Workshops
  • Discussion/debate
  • Reading
  • Written assignments
  • Written and practical examinations
  • Requirements

    You are expected to attend all 11 weekends in full. In addition there is approximately 40-60 hours of work to be completed in your own time. This will include attending yoga classes, home yoga practice and meditation, reading, completing a journal and manifestation boards, learning dialogue, researching poses and practice teaching.

    What you can expect by the end of the yoga teacher training course

    The course has a high level of focus on ensuring you can teach a yoga class upon graduation. The vast majority of the course is spent understanding yoga postures, their physical benefits, anatomical alignment and how to teach them using verbal and physical cues. Practice teaching is incorporated into every weekend. You’ll teach one-on-one, in small groups and in larger groups, instructing your peers, friends and family to help you find your voice and build your confidence. Your teaching practice will culminate in the delivery of a 60 minute yoga class which will form part of your final examination.

    By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Teach a 60 minute hot yoga/hatha yoga class
  • Understand the purpose, alignment and health benefits of 50 yoga postures and how to teach them. These foundation yoga poses can be used as a basis for heated and non-heated hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga classes
  • Understand the principles behind building your own yoga classes/sequences
  • Begin your new life as a yoga teacher and start a process of continual learning and self development as you continue your journey and exploration of yoga
  • Yoga teacher training buddy programme

    As part of the Yoga Teacher Training Programme you’ll be assigned a buddy who is, either a member of the Sweat Studios yoga teaching team, or a yoga teacher training programme graduate. Your buddy will be on hand to give you guidance and support as you train to be a yoga teacher and will help you find your feet as a new instructor.

    Yoga teacher training programme dates and course content

    The course will take place on the following days. Each Saturday & Sunday will start with a yoga class.

  • 31st January; 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 29th February; 1st, 14th, 15th, 28th, 29th March; 25th, 26th April; 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th May; 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st June.
  • Course content

  • Module 1 – Welcome, group introductions, course overview and expectations, course aids, how to learn dialogue, hot yoga – its origins, history, development, forms, purpose, characteristics, controversy, future, sequences
  • Module 2 – History & philosophy of yoga, living a yogic lifestyle
  • Module 3 – Anatomy & physiology
  • Module 4 – Standing postures in-depth – alignment, health benefits, working with different bodies, modifications for injury/physical limitations, advanced teaching practice – how to manage a room, how to bring energy to your classes
  • Module 5 – Yoga for a healthy life – how yoga positively impacts physical and mental wellbeing, yoga for stress relief, breathing exercises/pranayama, mindfulness and meditation, an introduction to restorative yoga and yoga nidra, the role of chakras, mudras, mantras and setting intentions
  • Module 6 – Seated postures in-depth – alignment, health benefits, working with different bodies, modifications for injury/physical limitations, advanced teaching practice – teaching with confidence, how to use your voice, projection, command of a room, using music, coping with clients who feel unwell, staying safe
  • Module 7 – Going beyond the 50 postures – how to flow postures together, adapt and modify them to create your own sequences from the 50 postures, how to plan and deliver classes for different focuses/aims, for different groups of people (beginners, ageing, young) and environments (hot yoga studio, non-heated yoga studio, gym, village hall etc.)
  • Module 8 – Adjusting and working with bodies – how to use hands-on and verbal adjustments to ensure your class is practicing safely, partner yoga class, common knee, spine, shoulder, hip ailments – what they are, what they mean for the people you teach and how to handle people in your class with them
  • Module 9 – The business of yoga – how to set up your own classes, working for studios, gyms, leisure centres, opening your own studio, final written exam
  • Module 10 – Final practicums – teach a one hour hot yoga class to a group of your peers
  • The Teacher Training Programme Instructors

    The 200 Hour Course is delivered by Yoga Alliance Professionals certified Senior Yoga Teachers.

    Ali Futrill

    Ali is a full-time yoga instructor. Ali joined Sweat Studios in 2014 when the studio opened. She also delivers classes at Nuffield Health, runs her own classes and teaches privately. Ali completed her 200 hour hot yoga teacher training with Absolute Yoga in Thailand in 2007. She has since trained in yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and completed her Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Senior Yoga Instructor, Kathy Ran, in 2019. Ali teaches over 15 classes every week from hot yoga, to vinyasa flow and yin, as well as private group sessions. She has taught for many business across Buckinghamshire and trained the MK Dons and Northampton Saints Rugby team.

    Charlie Taylor-Rugman

    Charlie has an MA in Indian Spiritual Traditions and is registered with the Independent Yoga Network as a Yoga Elder and Yoga Alliance Professionals at the E-500 level, the highest level of accreditation for both organisations. Charlie started learning the Ashtanga yoga asana series in 1993 and was introduced to the pranayama series in 1999. He started teaching in 2001 after receiving the direct authorisation of the yoga master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009) to pass on the Ashtanga yoga method.  Charlie teaches privately from his home studio in London and delivers workshops and teacher training across the UK. Charlie instructs the Anatomy & Physiology and History & Philosophy modules on the programme. To find out more about Charlie, please visit his website.

    Ali and Charlie are supported by members of the Sweat teaching & management team as well as specialists in the fields of nutrition, exercise, health & wellness.

    Sweat Studios Yoga Teacher Training Academy

    Students performing well on the yoga teacher training programme will be invited to join the Sweat Studios Academy on graduation. The Academy will give you the support you need to become a practicing yoga teacher, teaching classes at our studios. You’ll work with Sweat senior yoga teachers and embark on a process of further development to give you the tools and confidence to join the team as one of our yoga instructors. There may also be opportunities to undertake further internal and external training, with the support of Sweat, to broaden your skill set and position you to teach all yoga classes on the timetable.

    Course eligibility

    The course is open to anyone with a regular yoga practice of a minimum of two years. Eligibility is assessed on completion of your application form and an interview. To be accepted onto the programme you need to have practiced some classes at Sweat Studios and be known to the teachers. Once you are approved to join the programme, you will need to pay a £500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot.

    Course costs & application

    The 11 weekend course costs £2,750. The course cost includes all books, study materials and yoga classes taught on the weekends of the course. Once you are accepted onto the course you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of £500 to secure your spot. The remaining balance payment of £2,250 is due before the course starts.

    Cancellations must be made a month in advance of the course beginning and are subject to a 15% administration fee and the non-refundable £500 deposit.

    If you’ve got more questions, have a gander at our FAQs.

    To register your interest for our 2020 course and receive the application form, full course syllabus and terms & conditions, please contact

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