Our 2018 yoga teacher trainee, Katie, shared her experiences on her blog week-by-week. She's now a fully fledged hot yoga teacher. Have a read of her journey to become a yoga instructor.

A day in the life of a yoga teacher trainee

Weeks 9 & 10

The end is finally here! I can’t believe we’ve made it!

Weekends 9 and 10 consisted of our exams and final celebrations. It’s been such an amazing journey to become a yoga teacher and I can honestly say, life-changing! I’ve learnt so much and cannot wait to put it into practice by teaching yoga. Read more.

Week 8

This weekend was all about first aid and safety whilst teaching yoga. It was a great help in making us feel more confident in knowing what to do if something were to happen in one of our classes and also how to modify poses for people’s limitations. Read more.

Week 7

Weekend 7 is done! Only 3 more to go until I’m officially a qualified hot yoga teacher. This weekend was so fun! We did lots of different things and got a chance to experiment with yoga postures and styles that we wouldn’t have otherwise got to do. It was one of my favourite weekends of the course so far; as all of them seem to be :-)! Read more.

Week 6

This weekend has been the most physically challenging of the entire yoga teacher training course so far! Saying that though, I really enjoyed it. Honestly, one of the best parts of learning to teach yoga is the incredible women I get to share it with. We have such a laugh and they’re all so supportive! The focus for the weekend was Vinyasa Yoga and it was one of my favourites so far. Read more.

Week 5

Here we are at the halfway point of my journey to become a yoga instructor! I can’t believe how quickly it’s going and how much I have learnt. This weekend was all about breaking down different aspects of yoga – we looked at the principles of alignment, chakras, mudras, teaching people of different ages and more! Read more.

Week 4

Module 4 is here! Another weekend complete in pursuit of my hot yoga certification. This weekend was all about the ‘Sweat’ philosophy which involved learning all about the Sweat Studios ethos and also going through all 50 postures in the sequence we are learning to teach. Read more.

Week 3

This weekend was the third weekend of training to be a yoga teacher. The focus for the weekend was anatomy and physiology and was run by Melissa Nordin – a yoga teacher and anatomy expert. It was a long but interesting weekend which raised as many questions as it answered but that seems to be a pattern as there is just so much to learn! I’m loving every minute though and all the new knowledge I’m gaining. Read more.

Week 2

It’s been two weeks since the first module of my yoga teacher training course and I’ve been cramming my dialogue like mad, done my homework and read a lot! I went into this weekend even more excited than the last one (if that’s possible) because I didn’t have any anxiety about what to expect and I was also looking forward to seeing all the other wannabe hot yoga trainers again! Read more.

Week 1

It’s here! Our 200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training Programme has kicked off. I’ve been looking forward to this for months now and can’t believe the time has come. I am finally taking the steps to become a yoga teacher. Read more.

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