Claire’s story demonstrates just how flexible Sweat Studios’ Hot Yoga Teacher Training Course is. Despite training to be a hot yoga instructor, Claire launched a regular non-heated yoga class and it was a sell-out!

Teacher training profile: Claire

Claire’s progress is testament to how the course not only ensures attendees learn to teach hot yoga using a set class sequence, but how that can be easily adapted to multiple types of classes and environments.

Claire has practiced yoga on and off for the last 10 years and yoga teacher training was something she’d long been considering.

“I didn’t know if I would start to teach after I’d completed the course but once I got a taste – even though it was nerve-wracking to start with – I was hooked,” said Claire.

Claire was already a client of Sweat Studios and decided to train to be a hot yoga teacher with Sweat as she loves the ethos of the studio and how we’re committed to making yoga more accessible to people. Claire also liked the way we promised a genuine teaching experience and support from the Sweat teaching team throughout the course.

Yoga teacher training programme highlights

For Claire, the main highlight of the yoga teacher training course was the other yogis!

IMG_4320 Teacher training profile: Claire

“I really feel like I’ve made friends for life. We laughed, cried and celebrated each other’s successes. The yoga teachers at Sweat were so supportive too,” Claire said.

Claire was also impressed by just how comprehensive the hot yoga certification was. It covered everything from advice on how to set up a yoga business, to learning about the history and philosophy of yoga and various different yoga styles; ashtanga, yin, restorative, partner and even wheel yoga! Every week the course covered something new, which has made Claire love practicing yoga even more!

“I learnt so much about myself and my own practice,” said Claire.

Since graduating, Claire says her yoga practice is so much stronger. Learning about the importance of building strength and not relying on her natural flexibility has given Claire another challenge to focus on.

“I have a greater respect for my limitations and have left my ego at the door,” emphasised Claire.

The challenges and the unexpected aspects of learning to teach yoga!

Claire admits that she didn’t think the course was going to be a walk in the park, and says there was just so much to learn. The participants, says Claire, quickly realised that this was actually just the start of learning, a taste of different elements of yoga that they can continue to explore long after yoga teacher training has finished.

What Claire is doing now she’s a hot yoga teacher

When Claire first signed up to the yoga teacher training programme she had little expectation about what she would get out of it. She simply loved practicing yoga and wanted to learn more.

“And boy did I! We started teaching yoga from week one, and despite all being petrified, my fellow trainees and the yoga instructors were so supportive,” says Claire.

Claire says the yoga teacher training reignited her passion for helping others and she’s now excited to assist others to get the physical, mental and emotional benefits from yoga classes.

As well as teaching a regular hot yoga class here at Sweat, Claire runs her own yoga classes in her local town. Thanks to the course, she was able to do this quickly after graduation, as it covered everything she needed to get started; from the logistics of how to set up your own class, such as insurance requirements and where to source yoga equipment from, through to how to market your sessions and ensure you get attendees.

We are thrilled to say that Claire’s been so successful that her first class was fully booked more than a week in advance!

Claire’s advice for anyone considering yoga teacher training

Claire says that if you’re passionate about yoga or teaching, go for it!

“It really is a big time and energy commitment but you’ll get out what you put in”, advises Claire.

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