Another successful hot yoga teacher training graduate is Jules Buchanan. Jules admits that prior to embarking on the yoga teaching training programme, she had only ever done one style of yoga and was even terrified of trying out a new studio!

Teacher training profile: Jules

Being a non ‘yogi’, Jules had some concerns about studying some of the more spiritual aspects of yoga as part of her journey to become a yoga teacher. She was also worried about having to get out of her comfort zone and do other styles of yoga.

However, by the end of our course, Jules says she’s been totally converted and the spiritual stuff wasn’t that daunting after all.

Jules has enjoyed yoga ever since starting classes here at Sweat in late 2015. The studio’s no nonsense approach appealed to her and she really liked the yoga teachers who she describes as being “practical, down to earth and always approachable.”

“I’d tried yoga before but found it a bit airy fairy. I wanted to exercise, not to find myself,” explained Jules.

When she joined the yoga teacher training course, Jules had a career in logistics but had always wanted a qualification in something practical that she could use if she wanted a change of direction and yoga fitted the bill.

“I liked the fact that the yoga teacher training at Sweat kept true to the studio values by offering a grounded course with teaching practice at every session,” she said.

Yoga teacher training course highlights

The main highlight of the hot yoga certification for Jules was the partner yoga workshop.

“I’d always seen yoga as an individual experience, so sharing poses, assisting and supporting my classmates was a refreshing change and made me see yoga differently,” Jules explains.

She also found the challenging hot yoga 108-asana workshop “absolutely thrilling,” stating:

“I’d been pretty intimidated and actually quite emotional before it but having the opportunity to try so many different postures was great fun – everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

Jules said that not only did she get a full grounding in yoga history, philosophy, anatomy and alignment plus a lot of teaching practice, she also gained a network of wonderful fellow yoga teachers that she has stayed in touch with.

IMG_4060 Teacher training profile: Jules

“It’s lovely seeing how my fellow classmates from all areas of the UK are getting on in their yoga (and more general) journeys now the course has ended and I’ve got a group of people to bounce ideas off and get support from when I need it,” says Jules.

Post yoga teacher training programme improvements!

Jules says the course dramatically improved her own yoga practice:

“Not because I suddenly lengthened my hamstrings (!) but because I now understand the yoga poses a lot better and know what I should be doing, even if I’m not doing it yet. In a few areas this meant it almost felt like I’d gone backwards but knowing exactly what should be contracted, extended or twisted, etc. in each yoga posture means that I can understand where I am in each pose, what my own strengths and weaknesses are and what I need to work on to improve. Over 50 yoga poses are broken down in detail during the course,” explains Jules.

Advice for others wanting to learn to become a yoga instructor

“I would say to go for it! It takes time and you need to be committed to seeing the course through and trying your absolute hardest at every stage. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone on more than one occasion,” advises Jules.

“The end of the course almost felt like the beginning of something rather than the end…I’ll never stop learning and there is so much more I want to investigate and challenge myself with. It’s such a cliché but this really does feel like the start of a journey!”

What’s Jules been doing since completing her hot yoga certification

Jules said it felt really strange not seeing her yoga buddies at the weekends when they first finished the course and thinks they all had withdrawal symptoms!

Jules started out with a regular weekly class here at Sweat. She had to put her learnings to the test very quickly, as rather than teaching the set yoga poses she had to instruct as part of her final yoga teaching exam, she was given a Sweat Hot Mix class to lead from the outset. “I have to admit I was nervous to begin with, as the class required me to be able to teach more than the 50 poses I had learned, but with the support of the Sweat Yoga teaching team I soon found my feet,” explains Jules. “It just goes to show that the programme really does give you the grounding you need to teach anything.”

Jules also set up a local non-heated class close to where she lives. “That was probably the most challenging class to teach as everyone who came was a beginner. I had to really start from the basics. I remember on my first class I asked them all to do downdog and no one knew what I was talking about. It’s been a really fun experience teaching them though and they’re doing so well now.”

Making the jump to joining the Sweat team as a hot yoga trainer

Recently Jules made the bold move of giving up her career in logistics to join the Sweat team as a part-time yoga instructor. “The more I taught, the more I enjoyed it and eventually I made the decision to focus on this as my career. It’s funny, I didn’t think I would teach at the start of the teacher training programme but as we progressed through the modules and practiced teaching week after week my confidence grew and I thought, “Why not? I can do this”. One of our favourite supportive sayings to each other during the course was “you’ve got this”, so I think that just rubbed off! Now you can’t stop me.” Jules says.

Since graduating, Jules has also attended an emergency first aid at work course for yoga teachers, completed the Studio’s vinyasa yoga teacher training course, giving her the tools to teach flow classes and recently trained in yin yoga so she’s able to instruct the Studio’s flex classes too. She’s currently studying yoga nidra.

If you want to follow in Jules’ footsteps and become a qualified yoga teacher with Sweat Studios, why not participate in our 2020 200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training course, launching next January.

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