Lisa went from Sweat newbie in 2014 to qualified yoga instructor in 2018. While on the yoga teacher training programme, resourceful Lisa started teaching an informal weekly class to her work colleagues, giving her a head start on teaching as soon as she graduated. She's now running her own classes and covering for other yoga instructors around Buckinghamshire.

Teacher training profile: Lisa

When and where did you start practising yoga?

I’ve been practising yoga for just over 4 years. It all started after buying a voucher for 6 classes at Sweat Studios. I was immediately hooked and it’s changed my life completely; I lost weight, became more confident and felt calmer in mind and body. Initially I only practiced at Sweat Studios, sticking with the Sweat Hot Classic class at first but then branching out into Sweat Flow and Flex. In the last few years my practice has intensified and I’ve explored other local studios, practiced in Portugal and Thailand and created my own home practice. I am not tied to one style and different days call for different yoga, whether that’s getting my heart rate pumping or calming everything down. 

What made you decide to train to be a yoga teacher?

I signed up as I had changed my role at work to something that was less creative and rewarding, so I wanted something that I could grow myself and would give me the feeling of fulfilment which came from helping people. I wanted to improve my own practice, meet new people and challenge myself. I hoped I would be confident enough to start my own class and share the benefits I have felt through yoga with others.

Did you have any reservations before starting the yoga teacher training course?

Honestly I had concerns about the financial outlay, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t do it as the timing was right and the opportunity was there. I also doubted my own ability and strength and worried I would feel like a fraud; but if yoga has taught me anything, it is that we all need to be kinder to ourselves and have gratitude for what our bodies are capable of, so I overcame those doubts quickly.

Why did you opt for Sweat Studios’ hot yoga teacher training programme?

I considered studying abroad for a month intensively but completing the training with Sweat allowed me to continue with my daily life. Also, completing the training over a longer period afforded me the opportunity to create a class for my work colleagues, something that was invaluable in cementing what I was learning in each module.

Did the yoga teacher training course meet your expectations?

It did, the friends I made and the fun I had exceeded my expectations.

What were the highs and lows of training to be a yoga teacher?

I really enjoyed expanding my knowledge of the subject of yoga itself but the high point was probably the partner yoga weekend, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much. The most challenging aspect was probably the physical strength required on some of the weekends, although it was always enjoyable and aching muscles on Monday were a sign of a good weekend.

What are your plans now you’re a qualified yoga instructor?

I want to continue learning and improving, through self study and courses and teaching as much as I can. Every class I teach I learn something new, from observing the individual challenges people have and talking to my students, so I want to continue to improve on my teaching and my own ability.

Have you started teaching yoga?

Yes, I have a class every Tuesday for all abilities. I also started informally teaching my work colleagues during my time training and I have covered classes for other, more established yoga teachers since graduating, all of which has been great experience and allowed me to turn my hand to other yoga styles. The great thing about the Sweat Teacher Training course is while its focus is on hot yoga, and you’ll be equipped and prepared to teach in a hot room at the end of of it, you can adapt that sequence to non heated environments too. Also, we spent some of the course looking at other yoga styles, flow and restorative being two of them, that, along with attending flow classes and doing my own home practice, have given me the confidence to cover classes in these styles of yoga too. 

Any advice to anyone considering Sweat’s yoga teacher training programme?

It’s a great way to get qualified and learn without turning your life upside down and well worth it if you want to deepen your practice.

If you’re keen to follow in Lisa’s footsteps, find out more about our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programme here.

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