After falling in love with hot yoga in Australia, Zoe had always wanted to do her yoga teacher training, but had never found the right opportunity. It was whilst she was working for Sweat Studios and heard we were launching a 200 hour hot yoga teaching training course, she knew it was meant to be!

Teacher training profile: Zoe

The highlights of the yoga teacher training course

Sweat Studio’s Yoga Teacher Training Programme is designed to craft a true sense of community between teacher trainees. In Sweat’s 2017 course, this resulted in many of the wannabe hot yoga teachers becoming good friends.

One of the key highlights of the course for Zoe was the amazing group of people met in her journey to become a yoga teacher, which helped make every weekend fun and memorable.

“I feel so lucky to have had such amazing people to share the experience with”, said Zoe.

Another highlight of the course for Zoe was the breadth of yoga that they were exposed to, providing them with a whole breadth of yoga skills, not just hot yoga.

Equipped with a supportive group of fellow trainees, an inspiring teacher and great course material, Zoe says her knowledge of yoga has greatly improved as a result of the teacher training.

What Zoe gained from learning to be a yoga teacher

As well as expanding her knowledge of yoga and equipping her to teach others, Zoe has also benefited personally from the course.

“I now have a better understanding of my alignment in different yoga postures and the importance of different joints and muscles for practicing yoga safely.

“If anything, my practice has become harder because I am more knowledgeable of how to get deeper into and hold postures!” says Zoe.

As well as learning about various elements of yoga, the Sweat Studios’ hot yoga teacher training course integrated teaching practice from the first weekend.

“Even before the course started we were given a sequence of 50 postures to learn with accompanying dialogue and we were expected to teach yoga poses every weekend. Although this was challenging at first, it has meant that we don’t just understand the poses, we are fully equipped to teach them too,” said Zoe. “Practice teaching is a big focus of Sweat Studio’s course.”

The challenges of the yoga teacher training programme

The Sweat Studios’ hot yoga certification isn’t without its challenges! The trickiest aspect of the programme for Zoe was juggling work commitments, a social life and teacher training homework. Though, by planning ahead, being organised and support given by friends and family, Zoe was able to manage these different commitments.

What Zoe plans to do now she’s a hot yoga teacher

As Zoe worked for Sweat Studios, she had the added pressure of having to be a hot yoga trainer for the Studio as soon as she graduated.

IMG_4365 Teacher training profile: Zoe

During the training, Zoe was given all the necessary tools and knowledge to hit the ground running. By the time she taught her first hot yoga class on the timetable, she had taught the poses many times and to real people, lessening her nerves!

Furthermore, as a Sweat Studios’ yoga teacher training apprentice, Sweat Studios’ senior yoga teachers worked with Zoe to ensure she was ready to teach as soon as she had finished the course.

Because of this, clients have been astounded to learn that Zoe is a new hot yoga teacher! She now teaches around three classes a week and is loving it.

“Just wanted to say that tonight’s Hot classic was great. Zoe was a total pro and sounded so confident, clear and encouraging as she was teaching. She did fab!” Nicole, Sweat client

Just a few weeks after completing her initial 200 hour hot yoga teacher training course, Zoe already had the confidence to start spreading her wings into teaching other yoga styles and she has since completed her Yin and Vinyasa yoga teacher training. With this additional expertise, Zoe was quickly teaching all of the classes on the Sweat timetable.

On advice for others considering a yoga teacher training course, Zoe says she would highly recommend Sweat Studios’ 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Programme.

“It was an incredible experience that has opened many doors for me. Not only have I gained knowledge about the history of yoga, the health benefits, different postures and the importance of alignment, I was able to step straight out of teacher training and teach a class of 40 people! That’s a rare outcome for yoga teacher training courses,” Zoe concludes.

If you would like to follow in Zoe’s footsteps and join like-minded yoga enthusiasts to give your passion for the practice an inspiring boost, why not participate in Sweat Studios’ next Yoga Teacher Training Programme?


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